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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Fringe Files: 2.3- "Fracture"

Case: Fracture- A bomb detonates killing and injuring people, but there is no trace of any explosives.

History Of Events: The police officer is given a briefcase and soon begins to crystalize, then finnaly explodes. The Fringe Divison is soon put on the case, and Walter soon discovers that the Policeman was the bomb- he somehow exploded. As the investigation continues, the story moves to Iraq, where "Project Tinman" occurred, but was supposed to have been stopped. The experiment was continued, and was taken over to be used for evil by peoplewho wanted to eliminate the Observers, those beings who are interemensional and are in the backrounds of each episode. Another woman was being used to do the same thing in a hotel, but the guy was caught and the woman was saved. The man was interrogated, and that's how we found out about the plot to take out agents of the Observer.

Non-case related Events: Olivia is still seeing Sam, the bowling man. Her memory is still, for the most part, lost. Will she ever be able to remember? Peter is fed up with only having one bedroom in his apartment, so he wants to find another one. Walter is very picky about it, and most times stubborn. He reveals to Astrid that he likes where he lives now, and that's why he doesn't like any other apartment they look at. He likes his current home.

IMO: The case was good, but not as good as last weeks. For some reason, I really enjoy the monster cases, maybe that's why. Still, Fringe did not disapoint. But the whole Sam thing is kinda weird. And he bowls. Did they get this inspiration from Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch? Something to ponder...

Next Week's Case: "Momentum Deferred"

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