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Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Follow the Leader"

Last night's episode did just that. We followed several people who have been leaders in the past, present, and/or future.

First, let's take a look at Sawyer. He has been the ehad of Security at Dharam after being a memeber for 3 years. Now, it was finally revealed to the other people that Sawyer- or in this case, LaFluer- took little Ben to the Others- or in this case, the Hostiles- and was in fact, a traitor. Now to get information out of him, the evil Dharma people kept hitting him, and finally hit Juliet. (Was anyone else grinning at the sight of her getting hit?) But he did evenutally talk, to save his skin and leave behind everyone else. Yep, that's right: Sawyer was a coward and left everyone else to save him and Juliete. And what kills me is, this is after Hurley said "Sawyer would never leave us."

Dr. Chang finally learned that Hurley and the rest were from the future through a lot of comical questions, and that Miles was indeed hi son. He ordered the evacuation of the island, and prepared for The Incident.

Jack teamed up with the Others and did just the opposite. He prepared to stop the Incident with a hydrogen bomb (One question: how would that help?). Elosie and Richard led him, along with newly-found Sayid, to the Temple where the bomb is stored. Kate refused to participate in this expedition after Jack used the "D-word". Yep, he said "It's our Destiny"! Wow, this "man of science" sure is turning into a "man of faith" I was shocked when he siad that, although I still think he's making the wrong desicion.

Everyone on that plane crashed on the Island for a reason. Jack to resolve his daddy issuses, Kate to realize what she did, Locke to walk again and become the leader, Rose to het rid of her breast cancer... the list goes on and on. Which makes me think about doing a post like that soon.

Anyway, back in the present, Locke has assumed his leadership role as leader of the Others, with Richard trying, but failing, to advise him. We learned that Locke in 2007 sent Richard to help time traveling Locke in the past and told him that he needed to die. Pretty cool scene right there, the writers are pretty smart. Locke also revealed his plan to "save his people".

It's also funny to note how Ben has no idea what's going on. Now he knows how everyone else felt when he talked to them.

Anyway, Locke's plan- to kill Jacob. Ben was stunned, like the rest of us. WTF?!?! First, why would he do that to Jacob who he seemed to worship in the past. Second of all, how can he kill someone who has never been seen?

Next week is the finale- "The Inicident". What will this episode hold? Will it answer questions, ask more, do both?

Top 3 Questions I want answered:
1). How/why would Locke kill Jacob?
2). Does the Incident really happen?
3). Why did Richard say he saw all of the Losties die, and if he's telling the truth, why didn't he and Ben and the rest of the Others die?

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