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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disneyland Resort Update and News: Summer Nightastic! and Star Tours 2.0?

*Editor's Note: Do to unforseen circumstances, my update will be today. Enjoy!

It's time for one of my ever-popular Disneyland Updates! Woot! In today's column, we will be discussing the events that will be happening in this summer as part of the new Summer Nightastic! I've also been closely monitoring Tours 2.0 rumors that I will share with you. Lastly, Mickey's Fun Wheel is nearing completion and is almost ready for guests. So, why not get started?

Summer Nighttastic!

This summer, Disney's straying a lottle away from the "What will you Celebrate?" capaign, but will still have it. They're introducing "Summer Nightastic!" which will promote the new entertainment DLR will have to offer. It's sorta like a capaign within a campaign. This will last from June 12 to August 23. It will include:

-Fantsmic!: The show that everyone has loved since it's 1992 debut is going HD. NEw HD cameras will play the clips on the mist screens, and it promises to be bright and clear. Besides this, Floatsum and Jetsum will be added to the Ursala scene. I have seen pics of these, and they look really, really cool. A new Animatronic dragon will also debut, and ut looks great, too!
-Disney's Electrical Parade: The clasic parade will be tweaked a little. Tinkerbell will now be leading the parade, and Pixie Dust will be spinkeled throughout he parade floats. Snow white and Pinnochio will also be added to the ride. Besides this, the classic "Baroque Howdown" will be enhanced a little, similar to DLP's "Dream Lights".
-TLT Dance Club: Each night, DJs will be playing hits in the Tomorrowland Terrace, everyone is garunteed to have fun rockin' and dancin'!
-Pixie Hollow: At night, this popular place will have light shows throughout the hollow to entertain guest waiting to meet Tink and the rest.
-Magical: All of you who read my column already know that Remember was going to be replaced with a shorter, more cost friendly show. Magical will be hotsted by actual Disney characters, not some unfimilar voice. Tink will once again lead the spectacular, but Dumbo will be joining her. But those who love Remember, fear not- rumors are swirling that Remember will be returning after the summer.

Star Tours 2.0: Coming to a Space Port Near You Soon?

Now this is some really good stuff I have. Star Tours 2.0 has been rumored for years, but these rumors have been very strong lately. has reported that they are already filming the second adventure. Rumors are also circulating that a new ride altogether could open up a soon as 2011. Could a new Tomorrowland follow? Perhaps we will see a new Tomorrowland emerge in time for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland? One can only hope...

Mickey's Fun Wheel- Ready for Guests.

Mickey's Fun Wheel is reportedly open for guests. At night, the lights are beign tested. My friend has a video of the testing, and it looks really cool. Look out for a new update on the Fun Wheel later this week.

So, I really hope you like recieving all this info about Disneyland and the Resort. I'm all out of information, but I'm sure there will be more information for next month. Keep an eye out for a post about Mickey's Funwheel. Until then, this is PirateGuy 815 with the Disneyland News!

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