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Monday, May 4, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup- Week of April 27

It's May, you know what that means- sweeps.

Quite possibly the biggest sweep of them all? Robin is finally getting help for her PPD, and what's better is that she is being sent AWAY! Finally, family and friends gathered together as an intervention to set Robin on the right track, and she's getting help as wee speak. She is supposedly going to be back in Mid May and the Scorpio-Drakes will be a big happy family. Yeah, we'll see about that. Just a quick fun fact: supposedly, the word "Post Partum Depression" has been said a total of 445 times since January 1st.

Meanwhile, General Hospital is busy providing mommy care for Carly and her child. Now, I am Pro-Life, but I also understand that if a mother is in jeopardy, she should have th option of terminating the pregnancy. Carly choose not to, so Jax and especially Sonny, leave her ALONE! She made her decision and it will not change. Everyone always talks about Carly being selfish, but she is doing the most self-less thing: risking her life for her child. Bravo, Carly, Bravo!

On the other side of the spectrum, Claudia is being selfish. And now, egotistical Ric thinks he could be the father, and will hold this over her head too just like the shooting. Although, I've gotten to the point where I don't blame her anymore for the shooting. How could Claudia have known Micheal was going to be there? Did she pull the trigger? No, Ian Devlin did. Kate is more to blame then Claudia.

Speaking of Kate, we are supposed to find out a deep dark secret about Kate. You know, I used to loke her, but after she broke up with Sonny, she became a whinny bitch who's alwayss PMSing. I can't wait for her to go.

Here's some people I haven't talked about much: Nikolas, Rebecca, Liz, and Lucky. First of, Liz and Lucky need to get back together. "Liason" was just horrible, absolutely horrible. A train wreck to Elizabeth's character. Now, I don't want Rebecca and Nikolas together just yet: only if Rebecca is really Emily.

Oh, and then there's Maxie and Spinelli. Hey, Spinelli, you're an idiot. I've thought you brought so much to the show. Maxie loves you, and you deserted her to go be a PI. Though he's on the "stalker" case (and wouldn't you know that a real thief came to hurt her, can we please get some new material?), when she finds out she faked it, he won't like it. If that's the case, then your loss, buddy.

To end things, let's take a moment to adress the whole Ethan thing. Some say he's just a con, others think he's someone's son. I hope it's not Luke, that would kill the Luke/Laura story. I hope it's not Robert, becuase he's only good with Anna Devane. Maybe a Quartermaine between Holly and AJ? That could be interesting, the show needs more Qs. Altough I'm not sure if this could happen, because I didn't watch the show way back then. Then again, I'm not sure if the writers did either.

Let's hope next week is better

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