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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Some Like it Hoth"

Not being a Star Wars fan, I did not understand all the Star Wars references that thy put in, thank you writers. Just because YOU are Star Wars fans, doesn't meen WE like it. So I'm supposing the title "Some like it Hoth" has something to do with Star Wars. Wierd.

But our story begins as Horace Godspeed sent the Ghost Wisperer Miles to pick up a dead body. Why he died, we still have no clue. Then Marvin Candel met up with Miles and Hurley, and guess what: He's Mile's father! (I actually guessed that in the season opener, but anyway...). And how funny was Hurley with Candle and Miles?

In common flashback form, we see how Naomie contacted Miles, and why he came to the island. Ok, that's cleared up. We also understand the $3.2 million that he asked Ben for. So some things are cleared up.

But then some guy kidnapped Miles and aksed him "What lies in the shadows of the statue?" So I immediately think it has something to do with the island. And just when I thought we;d find out important info, Miles denies anything about going to the island. Damn it! Why aren't charcters interested in learning the mysteries of the island? The guy who kidnapped him was also the same guy on the Ajira flight. Wierd.

And now Danile is BACK! But where was he, and why did he leave? I'm sure we'll find out in 2 weeks, when his flashback is on. It will also be Lost's 100th Episode!!!

Because there will be some recap episode on next week, I might not be here. So until then, I will end like I alwyas do.

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). Where was Daniel, why did he leave, and why did he come back? (ok, that's like 3 questions).
2). When will little Ben be back?
3). Why is Lost a new episode of Lost not on next week?

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