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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New York Welcomes Archbishop

I type this as I watch Timothy Dolan be installed as New York State's Archbishop. It is a very important event in NY and in Catholisism. But something else is going on in New York today.

Govenor David Patterson is pushing for a bill today to legalize Gay Marriage. This is very good, and I support Gay Marriage even though I am a straight Roman Catholic Republican.

But I can't help feeling this disrespect from our govenor. Why is he doing this around the day when Catholics in NY are supposed to celebrate the installment? Why is he doing this when many Catholics, and the Catholic church in general, oppose gay marriage? However important this bill may be, it seems like he is disrespecting NY Catholics. Does he not care about what this very important group of voters think?

I may be over reacting to this situation. Perhaps I'm letting my feelings of Gov. Patterson cloud my judgement. I mean, it's no secret to anyone that I really do not like our Govenor. But, I really feel he is making it known that he does not like the Catholic church, for some strange reason.

On a lighter note, remember to get your taxes done! Otherwise, Obama may pick YOU for his cabinet!

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