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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Showtime for Adrian Monk...

Eight years ago, a story about a quirky detective with many fears, phobias, and a liitle thing called OCD was brought into our households. This detective, Adrian Monk, was rather odd. And he was deeply affected by the death of his wife.

It's been thrilling, funny, entertaining, and has envoked more emotions within us then almost any other Cable TV show- ever. Monk has made a huge impact in all of our lives, and has reshaped TV forever.

Tony Shalhoub is an amazing actor, and anyone who watches the Emmys know that he has won numerous awards and has constantly been nominated. He has played this incredible character and made us love the big guy. It's my hope that we'll see him once again, and possibly go up against Lost's Matthew Fox (Jack) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

Tonight, it will be a bittersweet goodbye. We find out who killed Trudy, but we loose a great TV show.

In just a few hours, it's the beginning of the end...

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