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Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Mr. Monk and the End" Part 1

While I was watching the Monk Series Finale, I was experiencing what many call "a mixed bag of emotions". I'll explain.

Confusion. When Trudy appeared to Monk and told him "it's almost time", I wasn't sure what that meant. Was she telling him he is going to die? Or was she referring to her muder finally being solved?or could it mean something else.

The episode began with a flashback to the day Trudy died. She was visibly nervous about something, and left a mysterious Christmas gift for him. Of course, we know Monk has never opened up that gift... until now.

Sadness. Monk went to investigate a murder at the place where he first heard of Trudy's death. We know that the murder is somehow linked to Trudy's, and the murderer was involved with both. I think I know who it is, but won't say who I think it is in case I may spoil it for you. And that was a little dissapointing.

The murderer has a score to settle with Monk, and orders his aquantiance to kill Monk. More sadness. Monk is poisoned, and unless an antidote can be found, Monk will die within a few days.

Laughter. Upon hearing the news that he will die, Monk is preoccupied with the fact that he will be vomiting before he dies, which upsets him. Add in the way he takes his pills, his regular antics, and Randy's... well, "Randyness" and you have one funny hour of TV.

Happiness. As Monk talks with Dr. Bell about his death, Monk realizes all the time he wasted after Trudy's death. It's something that I have been waiting for him to realize since I started watching the show.

Action. Everyone tries to help catch Monks "murderer" and evidence eventually leads them to a train station. Stotelmyer chases the killer, but alas, the killer is killed after being hit by a train. It looks like it's the end for Mr. Monk.

More sadness and confusion. As Monk realizes his death is approaching faster and faster, he visits Trudys grave, professes his love, then quickly leaves, saying he will "see her soon". The really sad part is when Monk finally opens Trudy's gift. He finds a vidoe inside. A video of Trudy saying that because he is watching this, chances are he is dead. She begins to tell him a secret.

And of course, we have to wait to see what that is. In honor of the Monk Finale, I will suspend all regularly scheduled posts and recap, comment, and savor the Monk finale. Stay tuned!

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