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Monday, November 30, 2009

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of November 23

Last week was a short week on GH due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had the arrival of James Franco and a little insight into his personality and life. He still is a mysterious character, and will continue to unfold before our eyes during the next few months.

Since Franco will be around for quite some time, I'd like focus this post on the Thanksgiving special. I enjoyed every minute of it. We saw families get together, selfish teens acting selfless, and some touching movements.

We had several different Thanksgiving dinners going on. Jax and Jocelyn were going to have a quiet night at home while Carly was going to ditch them and go to Sonny's with Michael and Morgan. Surprisingly, Michael helped Morgan when Morgan objected to leaving Jax at home. It was quite funny to see Morgan scheming on getting his "parents" back together. Together, they broke each car so they would not start, and would have to spend Thanksgiving at home with Jax. It worked, and may have did even more. By the end of the night, Carly and Jax shared a kiss.

Diane also flew back into town. Some of you may know that she has landed a roll on ABC's primetime show "Cougar Town". But she's back on GH and will be playing both roles. And boy, how I've missed Diane's spunk, comedy, and her attitude. It was nice to see Milo and Spinelli conspiring to get them back together. And it was great to see Diane and Max finally make up and then share dinner with Milo. Great stuff!

Robin and the Davis girls were scheming to get Alexis and Mac together- and it's about time! They both need a significant other. Somehow, the topic of fathers was brought up, and as Kristina said "My dad is a mobster", and Molly said "My dad is a mob lawyer", I realized we don't know who Sam's father is. Perhaps this is something that will be explored in the future. I hope so!

Finally, we have the Quatermaines. Though they have diminished over the years, they still keep up the Pizza tradition. Last year, I remember they ditched that in favor of a "what-if" crappy show. I was glad it was back in it's glory this year! And when Edward sang "We Gather Together" it was touching.

It was a great, short week in Port Charles. Let's hope next week is as great!

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