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Monday, May 11, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup- Week of May 11

So let's recap: Last year, Michael was shot and put in a permanent coma. He's sent away to a clinic where he will be taken care of. Fast forward 1 year and he returns to General Hospital, albiet blonde and older. No he's going under some expiremental treatment to wake him up. And what happens: he begins to die. Only in a soap opera, huh? (Ok, so in retrospect, it's really comon. But still...)

Michael will not die. I don't mean to spoil this for anyone, but really, why recast a role when said character will only be asleep for the entire stint. From what I understand, he will eake up later this week. And let me tell you, he'll wake up to someone stupid: Lulu.

Now, I like Lulu, but please writers. Why couldn't he wake up to Carly. What a beautiful, emotional scene that would be. I usually don't cry at all when watching TV, but I might then. But why is it when Lulu's in the room?

Lulu has her own crap to worry about. Her roomate and her ex are fighting their feelings with each other. She might lose her job becuase someone is stealing from Crimson. Her dad is also trying to get her to be with Ethan, who was revealed was not Luke's child. Thank God, what an insult to Luke and Laura.

Meanwhile, Maxie has been trying to get stubborn Spinelli to talk to her again. I was so fed up with Spinelli, until Friday. Instead of trying to catch the culpirt (Judging by the shoes, I think it's either Helena or Kate. Teh question is: why??) they kissed. Get 'er done!

Also, I must point out how freshing this week was. There was no Robin! Like a breath of fresh air. GH can only improve, right!

Let's hope next week is better. Remember to pray for Michael!

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