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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are You Ready for "The Incident"?

We've heard about it since Season 2. Perhaps one of the biggest questions that fans have asked will be covered tonight, in the Season 5 Finale of Lost.

The penultimate season has been absolutely great, and it's going out with a bang! Tonight, Jack plans to stop the Incident from happening, which started a chain of reactions that caused Oceaninc Flight 815 to crash on the Island. Will he succede, or will he possibly cause the Incident?

Locke is going to give Ben a hard task. Will he have to kill Jacob? Why? Will we possibly see Jacob tonight?

Will we finally find out where Rose and Bernard, et al are?

Find out tonight. At 8 ETD, there will ve a recap episode, with commentary from Dammon Lindloff Carson Cruse. Then, get ready for 2 hours of nonstop action! Then come back tomorrow as we discuss the finale, and next week, as we reflect on Season 5. But keep coming back Wednesdays over the summer as we discuss more about Lost. Stay tuned to find out what I mean.

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