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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost Season 5

The epsiode starts off with a flashback to Dharam times. There appears to be a problem at the Orchid Construction site, and Dr. Pierre Chang (aka Dr. Hillowax, Marvin Candle, etc) must investigate. Also revealed to be working for Dharma... Daniel Faraday.

After the Island was moved, the surviving people start flashing through time. Locke is told bya future Richard that the only way to stop what's happening is to bring back the people that left. To do that he must go to the Orchidand move the Island again. And, he must die.

While flashing through time, we see the Island's past. The Others attack the Losties, killing almost all of them. We travel to the 1950s and find out the US Army was there with a hydrogen bomb, Jughead. Daniel Faraday actually saved the Island and told the Others to bury the H-Bomb. We also see the Virgin Mary Plane crash. And we get some backstory on Danille's arrival on the Island. She recued a very much alive Jin and Jin helped her find the radio tower before being attacked by the smoke monster. Apparently, the "sickness" she talks about resulted after her group of people went down to the smoke monster's lair underneath The Temple and were changed.

The time flashes finally stop after Locke goes down a well to turn the wheel. Unfortunately, time flashes claimed the life of Charlotte, who reveals he lived in Dharma when she was little and met Daniel while she was there. After Locke turns the wheel, the Losties end up in 1974, where they end up joining the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer, using the name LaFleur, has a prominant role in Dharma as head of security.

Locke gets off the Island and with Widmore's help, tires to convince everyone to go back, but fails. He attempts to comit suicide, but Ben tells him not to, before stangling him to death. He makes it look like suicide.

In 2007, Jack goes through trials to get everyone to go back. Jack, Sun, and Ben go see Daniel's mother, Eloise Hawking, to find out how to get back. They must get on Ajira 316 which will take them over the Island. They need to recreate Flight 815 the best the can for it to work. Sun wants to find her husband. Kate decides to go back to find Claire and reunite her with Aaron. Sayid is captured and is being transported to Gaum. And Hurley is convinced by Jacob to go back. Jack also brings Locke's body with him, with Christian's shoes on him to act as a replacement,

After reading Locke's suicide note on the plane, they hit turbulance and a bright light appears. The plane crashes on a runway on the Hydra Island, while Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid disappear. They are transported back to 1977, and Sawyer gives them jobs in Dharma.

But things don't go very well. Sayid is percieved to be a hostile. He is captured, but little Ben Linus lets him out. Sayid shoots him, and Ben is brought to the Temple where he is healed, and, at the same time, becomes the person he is today.

After Dharma folk find out about this, Sawyer and Juliet are in trouble. Jack and Kate have already left with Daniel to go to the Others with a plan to stop Oceanic 815 from crashing. They need the H-bomb to negate the energy released in the Incident to contain said energy. Then the hatch will never get built and their plane will never crash. After appearing to the Others, Eloise shoots and kills Daniel, not realizing it is her future son with Widmore. The Others agree to help.

The bomb is under the Temple, and Jack takes it to the Swan site. Though hesitant at first, the Losties aid him. He drops the bomb, but nothing happens. Just then, the Incident starts. All metalic objects go flying, and Juliet is caught in chains and dragged down into the hole. She is last seen detonating the bomb before Season 5 ends.

Back in 2007, Sun, Lapedius, Ben, and a resurrected Locke join forces with the Others. After Ben is judged by the smoke monster, Locke reveals his plan to Ben to kill Jacob. Richard leads Locke to Jacob, who lives in the four toed statue that used to be of the Egyptian Goddess Taweret. Jacob lives inside, and Locke manipulates Ben into killing Jacob. Before he dies, Jacob announces to Locke that "They're coming".

Jacob has previously visited all the Losties in their lives, and touched them as well. What could this mean? I'm not sure. But he is also revealed to have a nemesis who wants to find a loophole to kill him.

And when Illana and the other survivors of Ajira 316 reveal to Richard that Locke is actually dead and was inside a crate, it is revealed that Jacob's nemisis took on Locke's form to kill Jacob.

What does this mean for the rest of the series? We had two huge revelations and cliffhangers. Season 6 starts on Tuesday. Are you ready?

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