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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last week, I had the chance to see the Bodies Exhibit in NYC at The South Street Seaport. It was quite an interesting place!

First thing, these are all real bodies. And there is nothing seperating you from these bodies. You are asked not to touch them, but you can literally look at them from a few mere inches away.

There are rooms dedicated to skeletal system, circulatory system, nervous system, respitory system, digestive system, and more. Organs are kept under glass, but there are so many different versions of the organs. There are cancerous organs that are compared to healthy organs. Something interesting (and rather uncoforting) was a penis that was covered in tumors. Ouch.

There is also a room dedicated to fetal development, complete with babies. There are even conjoined twins. For me, the room solidified my Pro-Life beliefs. I think it had an affect on everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

The Bodies Exhibit is a must for people interested in science and medicine. I am niether of those types of people, yet I found myself fascinated. At the end of the Exhibit, you were even allowed (and encouraged) to hold a human brain, liver, and lung. Very cool stuff!

If you are interested, go to The Official Site for more info.

I recommend it to all!

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