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Monday, August 2, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of July 26

Another great week on General Hospital!

GH continued in lockdown mode for a day while a terrified and exhausted Elizabeth slept. It was revealed, however, that the baby was taken by Jay Morgan (or whoever) to be given to Franco. Jay Morgan was then killed instead of being paid and disguised as a sleeping hospital patient. You see, it wasn't Franco who went over the side of the building- It was a man with Stage 4 cancer. The whole "FracnoFrenia" thing appears to be a clever ruse to distract everyone from what Franco was really planning- to kidnap Aiden and give him to the deranged artist's mother.

Funniest scene this week goes to Max and Diane warning Claire about Sonny. Claire does want a baby from Sonny, so their warning shouldn't do all that much. But as someone who has been watching GH since 2004 (6 years; I started during the Port Charles Hotel fire), I could attest to everything that was said. And I'm sure you could, too!

The longer Lisa is on my screen, the more I want to punch her. Seriously. While Patrick's actions are inexcusable, Lisa has been a total bitch in the situation. I mean, lounging around a hospital bed naked? WTF is wrong with her?

Someone who also needs to be examined is Jason. For a long time, I liked him more than Sonny. But now, Sonny is much more appealing. All Jason cares about is Michael. Michael this and Michael that. It needs to end. Jason was going to kill Dante over revenge for sending him to prison, even though Dante was trying to do the right thing. Luckily, Dante was able to convince Jason that killing him was not a wise decision. And he did it by pondering what would happen to Michael if he was killed.

Once again, I fail to see Kristina's logic. First off, she keeps saying Michael saved her life. Um, no. Michael merely stood in front of her, which sure, is a heroic thing to do. But Mac was the one saving their lives by shooting Warren Bauer. And no one is thanking him. But they better, or else I will be really pissed! Secondly, Kristina is angry at Sonny for confronting Michael about fighting, which absoultely makes no sense. Michael needs to stop getting into fights an act like an adult!

So was Michael raped or not? That's what everyone seems to be thinking. When will we find out? Perhaps this week.

(Or maybe not! :p)

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