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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disneyland Resort Info And News

I know I haven't done a Disneyland Update in quite a while, but a lot has progressed since then. World of Color has opened, and has been a hit. Both Disneyland and DCA have seen some record-breaking crowds, and the parks have never looked better (if you don't mind construction, that is!). I will be spending a week at Disneyland later this month and be doing a live report there. So, let's start this update!

Park Hours
August 1-31: 8a-12a
Disney's California Adventure
August 1-31: 10a-11p

Attraction Closures
-Star Tours: Closed through May 2011 during a rehab and enhancement. The ride will be recieving some TLC, as well as brand new digital 3D films. More info will come on this rehab as it is released.
-Alice In Wonderland: Closed for an unknown period of time after OSHA brought up an issue it had with the lack of safety rails on the outdoor portion of the ride. Will be closed while a sutible solution is thought of.
-Haunted Mansion: Will close earlier this year on August 30 for its holiday overlay.
-Village Haus: Closed from August 30 to December 19 for a refurbishment.
Disney's California Adventure
-Toy Story Midway Mania!: Will close from August 30 to October 10 for a rehab.

News and Rumors from Around the Resort
While Star Tours remains the only major construction job at Disneyland, DCA still is packed with construction walls. The good news is that Buena Vista Street construction appears to be starting as early as September, with construction most likely starting on The Carthay Circle Theater being the first up at bat. Why so early? There will not be any Holloween party this year at DCA. The focus for HolloweenTime this year will be at Disneyland, where there will be special Holloween parties (extra cost) with trick-or-treating, and the Holloween Screams fireworks. Imagineers plan to close down half of the enterance at a time to allow the park to remain as convienient as possible for guests. I wonder why the connecting path bewtween Bugs Land and Hollywood is going to be finishing up in the next few weeks? ;)

Speaking of which, the Red Car Tracks are finished near Tower of Terror, and the Tower of Terror FastPasses are back up and running. The new brickwork is quite nice, a large improvement over plain pavement. I must admit I was a fan of the faux-street markings Hollywood Pictures Backlot had and will miss them a little. But I'll take the brickwork over the pavement any day of the week!

As for the Little Mermaid, it is on course for an opening in May of 2011. This ride promises to be very detailed and have some pretty advanced Audio-Animatronics. The Omnimovers will move slightly slower than the Haunted Mansion, so expect this small ride to be about as long as the Mansion.

Carsland is moving at a pretty fast rate. Car testing for the ride is over, and more permanent track is going to be placed. 2012 can't come soon enough, eh?

And to end, a look at Alice in Wonderland under wraps. The drama continues!

Well folks, that's it for this month. I hope you have a nice August, and if you're heading out to DLR, mind the crowds! Later this month, many APs are unblocked, and they'll descend on the parks! Until next month, this is PirateGuy with the
Disneyland News!

*All pictures used in this article were taken from MintCrocodile.

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