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Monday, July 26, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Weel of July 19

What a week on General Hospital! Gripping drama, deaths, kidnapping, and twists and turns were abound while General Hospital went into lockdown.

Let's start with the event that got us into this mess. Elizabeth gave birth to her son, with faux-father Nikolas by her side. She named him Aiden, much to the protest of Helena. Helena has pretty much given up on her plan, and now refers to Spencer as the true Cassadine heir.

Unfortunately, the baby went missing. Everyone suspected Helena was the cuprit, but she was actually telling the truth when she said she had nothing to do with the kidnapping. It was actually Franco who took the poor baby. And now they're searching for him while the hospital is in lockdown.

Also, Patrick's secret will be revealed soon. That whore Lisa has been acted like a cocky bitch ever since the incident, and Carly overheard them arguing this week. When will this secret come out? Soon, probably.

Unfortunately, during the lockdown, we lost Shirley. At least she was able to hold baby Aiden before she passed. Shirely was a great character, and all though we all knew she would die, we weren't ready just yet. Shirley added so much warmth and sole into a show that lost much of this vital ingredient. I will miss Shirley terribly. From personal expierience with a terminal cancer patient, I can say GH did a great job pulling off this difficult storyline. And Elizabeth turning off the monitor and pronouncing her dead was heartwrenching.

Also horrible is Mr. Bauer's rampage through the hospital. Earlier in the week, he confronted Kristina when she was with her family (dad included!) when Sonny suspected that Mr. Bauer beat his son, which is what led to Kristina being abused by Kiefer. During thew lockdown, Mr. Bauer was verbally abuing Kristina and was about to physically abuse her when Michael bursted in and saved the day. Lucky and Mac soon came in, along with Ethan and Mya, and turned the other way after nowing what Mr. Bauer has done. This got Mr. Bauer mad, and he lost it.

Bauer went on a shooting rampage through the lounge, and shot Mac and Ethan, both of whom are critically wounded and fighting for their lives in surgery right now. But before Bauer was able to shot Michael and/or Kristina, Mac shot him. He later died, but not before blaming Kristina for all of this. Poor Kristina. I really hope she makes it through this.

So, Franco plunged off the building after a strange, but exhilarating fight with Jason. His last words were "I know where the baby is". Too bad Dante was never able to let Jason know about Liz's missing kid. Someone will probably be fuming this week! But, is Franco really dead? It could go either way right now.

On another note, I'd like to give kudos to all those who worked on the show. This doesn't just include the fine actors and actresses. The set designers, production crew, and everyone else did an incredible job, especially at the art gallery. This week is living proof that GH is the best daytime drama on television.

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