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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lost: "Lighthouse"

*Editor's Note: My laptop is back! I should be posting now without any further delay. The two missed Lost columns will be up ASAP, and the Disneyland News will be up on Tuesday. Thank you for your patience!

When I first heard that this episode was going to be titled "Lighthouse", I wasn't sure if a Lighthouse would be on the Island. But, there is! And what I find very cool is that it's not an ordinary lighthouse. And no, I'm not just talking about the fact that it can focus on places the characters have been. It's an Ancient Egyptian lighthouse. The history geek inside me found that cool.

I know there have been complaints about the flashsideways. I honestly have no idea and/or theory as to where they might lead, but it appears to me the flashsideways are similar to flashbacks. The flashsideways have something to do with the on-Island story. My theory that they show the destiny of the characters was dashed last week, and once again, were dashed this week in a huge way. In the flashsideways world, Jack has a son.

Jack and his son, David, are not communicating well. This is very similar to Jack and Christian's relationship. When Jack's mom calls him over to look for Christian's will, she explains to him how upset David was at the funeral. But Jack didn't even notice.

When David goes missing, Jack is worried. He then goes to his mother's house (Jack and the unnamed mother are divorced) and finds out that David is at a piano recital via the answering machine. Jack goes to it, but not before hearing the message he left for David while he was in Sydney and getting emotional.

When Jack arrives, David is playing "Fantaisie Impromptu" (which was the song Daniel Faraday was playing) and a boy tells him his son is very good. A man, revealed to be Dogen, also comments on David's gift. Afterwards, Jack talks to Daniel and the kid reveals to his dad that he didn't want to tell him about the recital because he didn't want his father to see him fail. Sensing that David feels the same way about him that he did about his own father, Jack tells David he will never fail in his eyes, and it appears that their relationship is saved.

Back on the Island, we have a reappearance of Jacob. He is near the Temple's pool, and asks Hurely to go on a mission with Jack. The two of them leave the Temple through a secret exit after a brief, yet funny encounter with Dogen. Apparently, because Hurley is a Candidate, he can do whatever he wants. Pretty cool to have that power, no?

On their way to the lighthouse, they encounter Kate, who goes to look for Claire. They also end up passing through the caves, and for the first time since "House of the Rising Sun", we see Adam and Eve. Hurely even proposes a fan theory: "What if we time travel back to dinosaur times, and these skeletons are us?". I thought that was a cool shoutout, but since Hurely aknowledged this, I'm sure this is not the case. We'll find out who it this season, though. (FYI, I don't read spoilers, so I don't know who it is, but Darlton have stated this mystery will be answered. That's probably why they revisited this place). Another mystery solved: Shannon's inhailer was in the caves the whole time. She probably lost it!

When they finally reach the lighthouse, Jacob is not there, like Hurley said. What is there is the mechanism that makes the lighthouse work, which is made up of large mirrors to reflect the light. Hurley proceedes to turn the mechanism to 108 degrees, because someone is coming to the Island. (My guess, it's Desmond.) As the mechanism is turning, something strange happens. Images start appearing in the mirror. First, we see the temple Jin and Sun were married at. Next, we see the church where Sawyer's parents had their funeral. And finally, we see Jack's childhood house. Jack becomes incredibly angry at the fact Jacob was watching him, and destroys the mirrors.

Afterwards, Jacob appears to Hurley, and seems to not care about the broken mirrors. He says "They'll find another way to come to the Island". He also stresses how important Jack is, and while he can influence some people, others have to figure things out on their own. Plus, something bad is coming to the Temple, so they can;t go back. Could it be the Man in Black?

Speaking of the Man in Black, apparently, he is Claire's friend, and has been telling her that The Others took Aaron, along with her father. Could this imply that I'm right, and Christian and MiB are not the same person? Anyway, Claire is now crazy, similar to Danielle, and even keeps a creepy looking doll in her possesion to fil the gap that Aaron left. Claire helps Jin, and Jin tells Claire Kate took Aaron. He later recants this after she kills one of the Others. To which she replies "Good, because if Kate did, I would have had to kill her". Claire officially scares me.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). WTH happened to Claire?
2). Who is coming to the Island?
3). What is the true purpose of the flashsideways?

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