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Monday, March 8, 2010

Congrats to "UP"!

We all knew it was going to win...

Up was a fantastic movie. Not only was it nominated for Best Animated film, but was also nominated for Best Film. Now that's an achievement!

Up also took home the award for Best Score. While Michael Giaccino is no doubt a brilliant composer (and one of my favorites!) I felt that Hans Zimmer should have won for Sherlock Holmes. That score was so impressive, I downloaded the entire score after the movie.

So congrats to everyone at Pixar and Disney for making this great movie! Hopefully, the Academy will be more freindly to animated films in the future. As long as the story is good, right?

Plus, Up was much better than Avatar...

Click here for a list of all the winners. For even more Oscar coverage, click here.

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