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Monday, January 11, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: 2009 Edition

*Editor's Note: Sorry for the delay. a very busy holiday weekend lasty week caused me to have to postpone my final 2009 post. But here it is! :)

When the teens returned to Port Charles, they were surprised with a carnival in honor of Michael. Every singel person from GH was there, and it was great. Everyone was interacting and having a great time. That is, until Andrea Floyd drugged the only witness to the murder to keep him quite. This person was Edward. The poor guy had a heart attack while driving and his car was sent screeching through the carnival into the rides, ironically killing Andrea had nearly killing Jake and Dominic/Dante.

Dante's secret came close to coming out, but didn't he got better, and so did Jake. Edward is fine, too. In light of recent events, Alexis was oferred her position as DA back, but decided not to take it. Good thing, too. If Alexis can't see that Kristina was forced into sex with her daughter's abusive boyfriend, she shouldn't take on any more jobs.

Spinelli and Maxie were engaged, but backed out of the wedding at the alter. But it was the after party that was the big hit. Everyone went to Jakes for drinks and kareoke. Th highlight was a drunk Mac, Coleman, and Patrick singing "Macho Man". Kate even began a fling with Coleman. Needless, to say, it was a lot of fun!

Liz and Nikolas's harmful secret affair was just horrible, even though Lucky and Liz are engaged to be married. Nikolas's obsession with Liz (yes, that's what it is) caused him to break up with Rebecca. Rebecca walked in on them having sex, and was going to run to tell Lucky. She didn't because she was hit by a car Nikolas was driving and was almost killed. She then decided to leave Port Charles and tried to make amends before she did.

The big story this fall involved Claudia. Sonny was growing so close to her, he was going to throw her a huge birthday bash, the first she ever had. Now, doesn't that make you feel sorry for her? Her first and only birthday party? It's no surprise that when Sonny found out she was involved in Michael's shooting that he lashed out on her in public, saying he was glad their baby was dead and that he hated her, Claudia kidnapped Carly to get away.

That powerful scene makes me incredibly mad at Sonny. He is the biggest hypocirte, ever. He is no better then Claudia, yet he is made out to be the hero. It's about time Sonny is killed or goes to jail. I can no longer stand him.

Carly made the car she and Claudia were in crash and escaped to a cabin, where Claudia helped deliver her baby, which, in my eyes, redeemed the character. After Jocelyn was born, Claudia snapped and went mad. She was going to take Jocelyn, but Michael came in, with hatred in his eyes and bashed the life out of Claudia. She was gone.

But someone else was watching them. Franco took pictures of the murder, and is using them to get to Jason. Though Claudia's murder was covered up, it's endanger of blowing up in everyone's face. Who will blow it? Franco? Or will it be Dante, trying to put Sonny in prison?

After the murder, Michael became more self-distructive then ever. In 2010, will he be any better? Will he actually go to college? Will he ever have a significant other? to be honest, I kinda hope he is gay. That would open up so many other storylines, besides him being a mini-mobster monster.

So, I end 2009 GH on a high note. What started out as a very bad year turned into a great year. I hope that we see less mob stuff in 2010, and more verything else. I have faith that GH is on it's way back, and I'm looking forward to this year's sweeps! Let's hope this year is a great one!

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