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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disneyland Resort Info and News

As the holidays wind down, Disneyland will be entering a calm time. Disney will utilize this to do some refurbishments. Likewise, DCA progress will be going full steam ahead in preperation for World Of Color's premiere, which is just a few short months away. So, ;et's get started!

January Park Hours

Jan 1-3: 8a-12a
Jan 4-7: 10a-8p
Jan 8-10: 8a-11p
Jan 11-14: 10a-11p
Jan 15-18: 8a-11p
Jan 19-21: 10a-8p
Jan 22-24: 8a-11p
Jan 25-28: 10a-8p
Jan 29-31: 8a-11p

Disney's California Adventure
Jan 1-3: 10a-9p
Jan 4-8: 10a-6p
Jan 9-10: 10a-9p
Jan 11-14: 10a-6p
Jan 15-18: 10a-9p
Jan 19-21: 10a-6p
Jan 22-24: 10a-8p
Jan 25-28: 10a-6p
Jan 29-31: 10a-9p

Attraction Closures:
Haunted Mansion- Will be closed from Jan 4-14. Transforms from Haunted Manison Holiday back into the classic attraction.
Big Thunder Ranch- Will also be closed from Jan 4-14 to remove holiday overlay.
it's a small world- Will be closed from Jan 18-28 while the holiday overlay is removed.
Main Street Cinema- Closed from Jan 4- Feb 1 while undergoing a refurbishment.
Starcade- Also closed from Jan 4- Feb 1 due to a refurbishment.
Corn Dog Wagon- Closed Jan 4- May 4 while undergoing a refurbishment.
Tomorrowland Terrace- Closed from Jan 4- May 4 for a refurbishment
Rivers of America- Closed from Jan 4- May 5 for a mjor refurbishment. The river will be drained while much needed work goes on. During this time, The Mark Twain, Sailing Ship Columbia, Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, and Tom Pirates Lair will also be closed. Fantasmic! will also not play during these months. More info on this in future updates.

Grizzly Rivr Run-Closed from Jan 4-8 for a small refurbishment.
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- Will be colsed from Jan 11- Feb 19 for a refurbishment.
It's Tough to Be a Bug!- Closed from Jan 20-21. No reason specified.
Francis' Ladybug Boogie- Closed from Jan 25- Feb 4

Comings, Goings, and Tidbits from around the Resort:

Captain EO Returns!- Yes, that's right! After months of speculation, rumors, and denials, Disney has finally announced the return of Captain EO in February. Honey I Shrunk The Audience has closed, perhaps forever, to make way for the classic attraction. Keep in mind this is only a limited engagement, and will not be in Tomorrowland forever!

Tiana's Showboat Jubilee is no more, duee to the work going on in the Rivers of America. Likewise, Fantasmic! will not be showing and the boats on the Rivers of America are closed.

Over in DCA, work continues on the Paradise Park/viewing area for World of Color. Paradise Park is expected to open sometime in Fabruary. When it does open, you can bet sure I'll let you know!

Silly Syphony Swings construction is moving very slowly. Some visible work has sprung up, but little has changed. Rumor has it that Silly Symphony Swings is being built off-site, which makes sense. Apparently, Disney is in no rush to finish this attraction. Still, the attraction has appeared on the DCA park map, and i scheduled to open in April 2010. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Walls have sprung up all around Hollywood Pictures Backlot, which is soon to be called "Hollywood Land". This new name pays homage to the original Hollywood sign that read "Hollywoodland" before the land park was taken off. The Red Car line consturction has begun, and should be complete in a few months, though the Red Cars themselves will not be seen for at least a year.

The teporary walkway between Tower of Terror and A Bug's Land is open. After construction for the Red Cars is complete, the walkway will co underwraps and become more permanent. Right now, it is still used during and after hours as a backstage path.

Well, that's should do it for today guys. We have quite a busy 2010 ahead of us. And you can be sure that whenever something happens at DLR, you can come here for the news and commentary. Have a nice January, everyone!

*Special thanks to MintCrocodile for the pics. To see more, click here

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