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Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Best of 2009

In my last 2009 post (or post about 2009, actually), I gave a grim look at the previous year. But, I got to thinking: why not make a list of the 10 best things of 2009. So, here we go!

10. Lady Gaga

Her first hit song was "Just Dance". From the first time I heard the song, with it's techno beat and infectious rhythm, I was hooked on Gaga. Her other singles, Pokerface (see above), Paparazzi, Love Game, and Bad Romance were also hits. What is it about Lady Gaga? Well, she can sing and play instruments, which is more then alot of singers can do today. She's talented. And those outfits... I expect Lady Gaga to be even bigger in 2010- and in the future, will we see her next to Michael Jackson as the Queen of Pop?

9. Up

I didn't get a chance to see this movie in theaters, but i did on Blu-ray. Maybe it hit home because I just lost my grandma. But this movie was excellent. Until I saw Princess and the Frog, it was the best animated film of the year.

8. Sherlock Holmes

I saw this film in 2010, but it came out in 2009. And boy, was it good. The mystery was intoxicating, and the performances, most notably from Robert Downy Jr as the title character and Jude Law as Watson. See my review later this week for a full review.
7. 2009 World Series

What started as a new season with a brand-new stadium ended with the Yankees' 27 World Series title. It was a great day, not only in baseball, but in America when the Yanks won. I hope the winning streak will continue to next season. But it is the Yankees, so why hope...?

6. V Pilot

Who knew a show about Aliens could be so good? The pilot was intense and shaped the rest of the series well. I can't wait until the show returns in March. Will the Vs end up taking over the world? Or will they be defeated?

5. Monk Series Finale

One of my favorite show ended in 2009. Not only did we find out who killed Trudy and why, but we got closure on all of the characters. And yes, I teared a little at the end. But it was a happy ending, and that's something we needed.

4. Star Trek

At first, I thought Star Trek was stupid. It's been labled as a show for nerds since it began. I was curious when I found out JJ Abrams was doing a Star Trek movie and I kept seeing commercials for the movie, especially during Lost and Fringe. Then when it got nothing but good reviews, I decided to see it. I was blown away at how interesting it was. I loved every minute of it, and Star Trek was one of the very best movies of 2009. Too bad the crapfest that was Transformers beat it at the Box Office, as well as a few other crappy films.

3. Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frong was not just the greatest animated movie of the year. It was the greatest movie of the year, period. I was so happy to see Disney's return to hand-drawn animation. I just hope it does better at the Box Office. (See my review of the movie later this week).

2. Fringe

Fringe was something new that I started watching. And though it took some time, it became addictive. I'm proud to announce that Fringe is now my second favorite show on TV, right after Lost. The alternate universe, the monster of the week... it's just so interesting and fun. I really hope it's not canceled like Pushing Daisies. A gem like this doesn't always show up on TV. Plus, then my days with Fox are done.

1. Lost Season 5
What can I possibly say about this season that these videos from the Season 5 finale can't show you?

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