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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- Opening Toontown to the Public

The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (one of my favorites, I might add) first showed all non-toons Toontown. It's the place where our favorite cartoon characters lived. And it was also there before Disneyland was even dreamed of.

Legend has it that in 1952, Walt was talking to Mickey about his dream park, and Mickey suggested he build it right next to where he lived in Toontown. Walt agreed, but decided to hide Toontown from the guests so Mickey could have some peace and quiet.

It wasn't until 1993 that Mickey decided to let guests in Toontown. A portal between Fantasyland and Toontown was dug underneath the train tracks, and people could finally enter Toontown. Although the Downtown portion was still closed.

In reality, it was because Roger Rabitt's Cartoon Spin was still under construction. While guests could explore Mickey's House and meet all the toon friends, the big draw for the land would not open until the following year.

The premisis for Roger Rabitt's Cartoon Spin was that guests would board Lenny, Benny the Cab's twin, and take him to find Roger who was riding around in Benny. You and Roger both got into trouble with the weasels and the dip made you spin out of control.

This was a unique darkride because guests would be able to spin through the ride. When this idea was concieved, Imagineers were not sure if it would work or not. To find out, they attached one of the Mad Teacups to Pinocchio's Daring Jounrey- and it worked!

The land was a hit with kids, and old and young alike continued to enjoy visiting. Toontown was created to look like a cartoon. There is not one straight line in the land, it's all bent and curvey. The deatails in this land, like the manhole that talks, or the cartoonish light poles, really add to the expierence.

And an even more detailed attraction was on the horizon...

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