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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- Building Disney's California Adventure

Unfortunately, Disney has never released official time lapse videos of the DCA construction, so I had to scour the web trying to find videos that show what was done. I have some cool little videos here that show the park's progress- from parking lot to mound of dirt to theme park.

Here's a commercial I'm sure many of you remember. For me, I used to always see it before 102 Dalmatians. There was another, simpler one I used to see before Toy Story 2. Back in the day when we watched things on VHS.

Now, for more pics of the construction grounds:

To make the post seem more...full, let's add in some concept art and models! This stuff is from DCA's first preview center. Not only did it display models and concept art, but had an observation deck for people to watch everything be built. And no matter how you feel about the park, it's always cool to see them build something on such a large scale.

And in just a few days, Disneyland's highly anticipated second gate would open. What would it be like? Good? Bad? Fun? Exciting? Boring? Only time wold tell...

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