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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream The Disneyland Dream Suite.

I thought this should get it's own post.

Like I mentioned a long time ago in the New Orleans Square post, Walt Disney died before his private suite anove Pirates of the Caribbean could be finished, dubbed the Royal Suite. Years later the space would open up to the public, but this time in the form of the Disney Gallery.

In October 2007, the Disney Gallery closed. That's when Disney announced plans to build the Disneyland Dream Suite. The remodeled apartment would finally realize Walt Disney's dream. Each day during the Year of a Million Dreams, a lucky guest and 5 of thier friends/family members could spend the night in the suite.

The apartment featured a living room, not 1 but 2 master bedrooms and 2 master bathrooms, as well as a patio and private balcony overlooking the Rivers of America.

On August 10, 2008, I had the privlege to spend the night in the suite. But the night came with more then just that. Though the Dream Suite itself was the most amazing part of the night, the following also rounded out the evening:
-Dinner at Blue Bayou (they took Prime Rib off the menu, but the Isla Tesora chicken is great!)
-Grand Marshal of the Parade of Dreams, and a private "box" o view it in.
-Spotlight on us before Fantasmic!, with VIP seating in the private balcony for the best view of Fantasmic! (Not to mention an assortment of delicious chocolates that enhanced the performance. See pic below).
-Tour of the park after closing. Disneyland is very odd at night, just so quiet! But all the lights remain on.

Here are some pictures:

The Parlor:

The Master Bedroom- Adventureland:

The Master Bedroom- Frontierland (with bathroom):

The Master Bathroom/Main Street Dressing Area:

The Courtyard:

The Balcony:

Here are the "Good Night Kisses". These were little things that would happen at night when you pressed a button.
Here's one from the Frontierland Bedroom:

Here's one from the Adventureland Bedroom:

And here's the cool clock in the living room. Every hour on the hour, it did a cool thing! Here's the Cinderella one.

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