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Monday, June 15, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of June 7

Wanna know something shocking? We're half way into June, and Luke is still in Port Charles. If you can travel back to September, or I think even October, Luke came back to Port Charles after hearing is daughter was in Shady Brooke for, I don't know, 2 months? So is he leaving late this year?

You know, it's always sad to see Luke go. I wonder what would happen to the Ethan storyline without Luke.

But why should we worry about that now? Let's focus on something else: the murder mystery of the Mayor's mistress. Apparently, the writers of GH must have been really into the Eliot Spitzer scandal, because yet another autority figure in NY has sex issuses. Except this time, the corrupted city of Port Charles is turning their backs on it to focus on other things.

Like the baby problems. Carly's baby is fine, thank God. Claudia's is too, for now. Sonny is now fighting with her about whether he's the father or if Ric is. Hey, when's Ric supposed to leave again? Not soon enough, if you ask me.

Or maybe the residents of Port Charles are too focused on the teen problems. It seemls like slutty Kristina spends her time prancing around in her underwear for grown men or smoking pot (from her mom?:D). Then you have Micheal who enjoys sneaking out and throwing things. How they hell did they let him out of the hospital? I would have put him in Shady Brooke till things stop. I know Carly really loves him, but something needs to be done. Until then, I suggest hitting him over the head so he has amnesia and starts all over again in a nice, polite manner.

Well, I for one am interested in the "murder mystery". It's setting a lot of storylines in motion. Including but not limited too: The downward spiral of Matt after his lawsuit, investagating the actual cause of death of the mistress, plus maybe even a new mayor of Port Charles. Will Luke once again become mayor?
What a town.

How about this Kate story. Boring. How come she didn't see Micheal yet. She was there when the accident happened. Does she not care anymore? I used to really like Kate. It's such a shame the writers ruined her. Not to mention Olivia. What a waste. When she told Sonny she had to tell him something, I thought it was about Dante. Nope, it was about Claudia. What a hypocrtical bitch.

Back to the Ethan story- Rebecca revealed to everyone that she was Emily's twin. What she kept secret was that she is no in cahoots with evil Ethan to steal money from people. And where does Helena tie into this?

So many questions on GH right now. Let's hope GH gets really goo over the summer, especially with the lack of Nightshift. LEt's hope it does!

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