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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pushing Daisies- We Will Miss You

This angers me. Wipeout, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, Scrubs. What do all these shows have in common? They suck, but are still on TV.

ABC, home to such complicated, well written shows as LOST, has put these mediocre, and sometimes down-right horrible shows on their channel. ABC even had the audacity to put 2 of these shows, Scrubs and Wipeout, on during Pushing Daises' timeslot.

Why am I so mad? Pushing Daisies was a great show. Mystery, comedy, romance, and those vibrant colors all made for a great hour of television. It's a show unlike any other in a world where there are 700 CSIs.

Well, that's enough ranting.

The facts were these: Last nght's episode entitled "Kerplunk" was a great one, and illustrated all the character growths throughout this short lived series. Aunts Lilly and Vivian were finally swimming in front of people and were actually happy, however short lived it was. Because Vivian learned the truth about Lily and that Chuck was her daughter. After a long fight, who should show up at the door: Ned and a very much alive Chuck.

Meanwhile, over the Dim Sum restaurant, Emerson's daughter showed up and finally reunited with the comic book knitting private investagator.

And, Olive was able to fall in love and open up a Macoroni and Cheese restaurant.

Will we ever know the reaction in all thses situations? Probably not. Remember, this was not supposed to be a series finale, but a season finale with a cliff hanger. The people in charge were able to tweak it a little bit to give the show a proper, if not sad, ending for the millions of fans.

Will there be a movie? Will another channel pick it up? I have no idea, but remember that I will post information here as it comes. But for now, let's remember the show foundly. Buy the DVDs and watch them. Live, Love, and Laugh as the characters of Pushing Daisies did. Who knows? Maybe this is not the end.

Remember what the narrator said- The story didn't end with an end. It started with one.

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