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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Whatever Happened, Happened"

What a suiting title for yet another great episode of Lost. The title relates to 2 things: we learned that nothing can change the future, and that all along these people were back in the 70s. I think. Wait... oh forget it, my head hurts.

Second, we learn about what happened with Kate. Did anyone else find that this was the saddest episode since the death of Charlie? Anyway, she met Sawyers daughter, and the kid's mom who we already know she knew. Kate then had an epiphany that SHE needed Aaron, and that Aaron did not need her, he needed is Grandma and his GRandma needed him. Is this making sense?

Back on the island, little Ben is alive, but barely. So, what do they do? Kate brings him to the Others, with Sawyers help. But Sawyer is doing this for Juiliette. Excuse me? How could you talk like that to the woman you use to sleep with? It's not even like you had a viscious brake-up. Maybe he suspects somehting went on between Jack and Kate off the island. Which brings me to this question: Could Kate be pregnant???

Anyways, Richard Alpert brought Ben into the temple, but we didn't see anything inside. Perhaps we will next week we will, considering it's pretty much a Ben-centric episode. It's like back in the old days. I think we'll also get to see what happened to Sun and Hurley, as well as Ben (maybe even Desmond?) in the coming weeks, which will probably bring us to the season finale.

And the best scene from the night: Old Ben waking up, and finding a very much alive Locke welcoming him to "the land of the living". I just wish that he could have shot Ben at that moment. But the first thing I learned about TV- never kill off the people you hate, the show may get bland without them.

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). What will Ben "be judged for"?
2). What is inside that temple?
3). Where the hell are Bernard, Rose, Vincent the dog, and all the other survivors, or are they dead?

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