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Friday, May 21, 2010

FF: "Countdown"

*Editor's Note: As we prepare for the Lost finale, I have decided to postpone the Fringe finale recap until sometime next week. Thank you!

Well, today is the day. April 29, 2010. The day the world flashforwarded to. So what's going to happen? Will all the flashforwards come true? None of them? Only a few? Flashforward, which has officially been cancelled, has danced around this all season, err, series. Now we will finally see.

Mark began talking to suspect Lucas Hellinger about the flashforwards, but recieved some starling news: in every future he saw, Mark died. And if the man isn't released, he will die.

Previous 123 The tachyon constant is a theoretical number/particle that appears in something Hellinger drew as well as the blueprints left by Dyson Frost. There’s a company called Tachyon Offsite Information Systems that warehouses data. Mark wants to storm the building, but Wedeck and Vogel worry it’s a trap. They’re right. Mark demands answers from Hellinger, who knows exactly how to push his buttons. Hellinger says over and over that Mark is going to die today and that Charlie will be better off without him. This sends Mark into a rage, and he beats up the dude. Wedeck sends him out of the FBI uilding after that.

Meanwhile, Zoe is excited that Demitri has decided to come with her to Hawaii. But Demitri, feeling guilty and overburdened, tells Zoe that he got Janis pregnant in Somalia. Zoe is mad and needs time to process things. She's going to Hawaii, but without her fiance. Ouch.

Bryce and Nicole have finally begun their relationship and are planning to spend Flashforward Day together. That is, until Nicole decides to tell the truth as well. She discovered that the woman in his flashforward, Kieko, is in a detention center. She didn't want to tell him because she was afraid he would choose the Asian over her. But Bryce still wants to see her anyway. Will he be able to see her? She and her mom have an 11:00 flight back home.

In Afghanistan, the Arab doctor tried to save Tracy's life as Aaron looked on. But he wasn't able to. In the room where Aaron's flashforward revealed that his daughter was alive, it appears that it won't come true.

Simon wants Janis to get him access to the mainframe of the linear accelerator. When Demetri shows up at her front door, Janis wants him to pretend that he never came by. That’s not gonna happen. At first he wants to take the fugitive scientist in, but then Dem realizes it may be best to help Janis and Simon complete their mission.

Lloyd thinks he may be on the verge of a breakthrough in his research. He desperately wants to be with Olivia. He believes certain conditions must be met today. Olivia needs to be at her house with him at 10 p.m., but she is driving somewhere else with Charlie. As Lloyd and Dylan stand outside the Benford home, Olivia tells him via cell phone that she will not be with him in that house tonight.

Mark spends the rest of the day walking around as Flashforward day celebrations occur. A man who gave up drinking approaches mark and gives him a flask. And with that, Mark gives up his sobriety and everything he worked so hard to achieve. The temptation was too much. Mark continues drinking at a bar, and gets into a fight. He ends up in jail. So will he end up at the FBI building?

Where is this all going? And with the news that Flashforward has been cancelled, will the show end properly?

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