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Monday, November 15, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of November 8

I'm sorry I have been away, but November has been a really busy month. But I'm back, juat like Jerry Jacks will return in a few short weeks. So is he the Balkan? It's seemingly more likely, but I sure as hell am not omplaining! With the exit of Helena, we need a villian that everyone loves to hate!

Right now, the biggest villan on canvas is Lisa, who I just hate. I can tell that she is loving the way Robin blames her for everything, which I think is her plan. Get Robin paranoid in order to get her fired. Lisa did not start that fire that burnded down the Scorpio house. But I'm sure it is helping her plans.

Instead of Lisa appearing in the opening credits, I think Claire should. C;aire is a much more complex character than Lisa, and is just much more likable. Her helping Sonny may seem like a bitch, but in actuality if it was discovered that the evidence that was obtained was obtained illegally, than a whole mess of people would be in trouble- The Constitution is here for a reason, folks. She did do the right thing.

Sonny broke up with Claire after seeing the trouble he has caused her. It appears as though he has given up on relationships altogether. I wish he would reconsider Kate Howard, I really do miss seeing her. Even if her relationship with Coleman is funny.

Speaking of funny, how about our little trip to Vegas? Luke, Tracey, Maya, and Ethan traveled to Vegas with hilarious results! In short, the all got drunk, and Maya and Ethan ended up getting married instead of Luke and Tracey by that funny minister. And it's leagal. So we are in the midst of Maya and Ethan getting an annulment, while Tracey agrees to marry Luke if he signs a prenup. Will he?

In darker news, we found out what happened between Brenda and Dante. Brenda was dating the Balkan's son, but broke up with him after she found out about his ties to crime. But Alexander didn't like that, and began to stalk her, hence the police protection. Dante was assigned to protect her, and they became close. Alexander attacked Brenda and Dante, resulting in Brenda shooting Alexander. Dante covered it up, and the Balkan must have found out about this. I'm willing to be Dante and Brenda didn't have any relationship, even though Brenda mentioned something about a baby. My guess is that this "baby" must belong to Brenda and Alexander. Maybe it died, but I'm not sure.

But with Carly on the hunt into Brenda's past, this secret can't remain hidden for too long! She's already alerted Lulu, which Dante lied about again. That can't be good for their relationship. So now Jason is the only one who knows the truth. Micheal also knows a little bit. And no one is telling.

Very interesting, indeed...

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