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Monday, November 29, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of November 22

It was a short week on GH due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We had our annual fun Thanksgiving holiday, and a repeat on Thursday (which was a poor choice, IMO). And there was nothing on Friday.

Except if you get SOAPnet. And if you did, we you in for a treat! SOAPnet had a special day devoted to classic Jason Morgan episodes from 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2005 dubbed "Black T-Shirt Friday". What was interesting was I wanted so bad to find out who sent Felicia the poisoned flowers and who Sonny and Brenda met. Alas, I will never know these things, but it doesn't really matter. I loved seeing episodes from before I started watching GH.

When Sonny and Brenda kissed last week, I'm sure many loyal fans were very pleased with the event. At their Sonny's old apartment (must be from before he had that penthouse), Sonny and Brenda remembered a time long ago when they were happy. And they finally gave in to what they have both wanted for a long time. They're going to give their relationship another go. And I wish them luck!

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is tell the truth. We all know what Sonny is like when people lie to him and betray him. But now, Brenda told him everything about Alexander, The Balkan, and Dante. And I think he accepted it, but we will see.

Am I the only one who loves when Luke and Carly share a scene? I am into a kick where I call everyone by their first name, so I love when Luke calls Carly "Caroline". Their sparring match was fun to watch and I agree with Luke- if they ever had a common enemy, he/she wouldn't stand a chance in hell.

So what's up with Johnny? He hid that syringe that Lisa tried to inject Robin with, but now what? It seems like he is holding it as leverage, and no matter how much I love seeing Lisa in distress, why is he holding it? It will just make him look guilty, or make it seem like he invented the evidence. The good thing is that Lisa has been banished to the ER, and it looks like Robin and Patrick may be on the road to recovery.

Their makeshift Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital was very sweet. Mac almost ruined it, but it's a good thing he went to Alexis's. Talk about slow- they really need to put these two together! Alexis and Mac need storylines about them, not their families.

Thanksgiving is always a day to showcase the Quatermaines. And I love it! There's nothing like getting the world's most dysfunctional family to gather around a pizza. And this year, The Quatermaine's house had the biggest crowd since Alan's death. True, Edward and Tracey were the only "actual" Q's there, but the Spencer clan was also there to celebrate Luke and Tracy's upcoming nuptials (made official with a huge engagement ring). Lucky brought Shiobhan with him, who Edward loved. Newly weded Maya and Ethan were there. And So was LuLu, who dragged Dante, who in turn dragged Michael. And once again, it was great to see Michael at the Quatermaine's. I do hope to see him there more often. And of course, Alice.

To end, I thought I'd show the end of Wendesday's Thanksgiving special. Enjoy!

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