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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

*Editor's Note: I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but my grandfather has been in the hospital. He had a pace maker put in. I'm going to skip last week's scheduled posts, and instead focus on this week's. Sorry for the inconvienece!

With only 4 episodes left until the big finale, the end of Lost is appraching at a fast pace. Last night's episode revelaed some interesting info, answered a few questions, and is making me wait in agony for the next episode. So, let's go!

In the flashsiedways, Hurley is not unlucky. At least, tht's what he says (hehehe). We see a montage of him being a philanthropist and assisting the poor. He even finances part of Dr. Chang's museum, where a palentology wing will be named after him. After the party, Hugo's mom congratulates him, but then sets him up on a blind date.

I'm pretty sure everyone was thinking "It's gonna be Libby". I thought that, too. Hurley was sitting in the restaurant, and sure enough, Libby walks over. Libby knew his name and wanted to talk to him. She was not his date. She was from a mental institution, and the doctor came over and took her away.

Moody, Hurley goes to a Mr. Cluck's and orders a bucket of fried chicken. He eats as Desmond watches him, and soon approaches him. Hurely tells him that he is depressed because the girl he met (Libby) was crazy. Desmond tells him to give her a chance, and leaves. And Hurley follows that advice.

Hugo goes to Santa Rosa, but the Doctor is unwilling for Hurley to talk to her. After a little persuasion (money!), he agrees. Libby tells him that she saw him on TV, and memories come flashing back to her- from another life. They were in a plane crash, and lived together on an Island. Hurley has no idea what she is talking about, but wants to take her on a date. They go to the beach, talk, then kiss. And that's when it happens.

Hurley is flooded with memories of them on the Island, and no longer believes she is crazy. Desmond watches this from his car, and leaves. Where? To a school, where something shocking occurs...

On the Island, Hurley is at Liby's grave when Michael appears after The Whispers are heard. He says that he is here to stop Hurley from killing everybody with the dynamite intended to blow up Ajira 316. A lot of people will die, and it will be Hurley's fault.

Ilana is carrying the dynamite in a pack. When Hurely tells her not to use the dynamite, she replies that Jacob told her to listen to Richard, and Richard said to blow up the plane. They cannot let the Man in Black leave. As she says this, she drops the pack, and is killed as it explodes. It was sad and unexpected, because I liked Ilana. She was smart, mysterious, and good looking. Alas, this would not be the last surprise explosion of the evening...

Richard says they must get more dynamite and Hurley agrees. However, as they arrive, the group realizes Hurley is not there. He then comes running towards them, yelling at them to stay away. Just then, the Black Rock explodes. This left me shocked that such an important place in Lost that we have seen since Season 1 was destroyed. To me, it solidifys the fact that the season is coming to an end. Hurley says Jacob told him to do it, but Richard says he is lying because Jacob never tells anyone what to do. He then leads Miles and Ben to the Barracks to get explosives. Hurley leads Sun, Jack, and Frank to Flocke. Later, Sun and Frank think they may have made a mistake.

Hurley admits to Jack Jacob wasn't talking to him, and that he may have made a mistake. Jack tells him that he listened to Hurley beacuse it's time to stop fixing things and start letting go. Just then, the Whispers are heard, and Hurley goes to see Michael. Michael reveals that the source of the whispers are dead souls who cannot move on. While this answers one of the big questions, much more info is needed on the whispers. He also tells Hurely to not get himself killed, and if he sees Libby, to tell her how very sorry he is.

Meanwhile, Sayid returns with Desmond to Flocke. Flocke then says he wants to show him something. On their way to the place, Desmond and Flocke see the mysterious boy that was seen in "The Substitute". This time, the boy has brown hair. He just stands there smiling and runs off.

Desmond is taken to a well, similar to the one outside the Orchid. It's not the smae one, though. Locke explains that years ago, it was built by people seeking answers as to why their compasses would spin like crazy over the spot. He then pushes Desmond into the well, and he plummets to the bottom. Dead? Doubt it.

Flocke returns to his camp, and Hurley appears. They agree to drop their respective wepons. Jack, Sun and Frank appear. Sun looks for her husband, but doesn't see him. Flocke greets Jack, and Jack looks stunned and concerned. I predict a great confronation between them in the next episode!

Finally, we end today with how the show eneded. In the flashsideways, Desmond is sitting in his car watching Locke. Dr. Linus approaches him, and asks him why he is sitting there. Desmond lies and says he is looking for a school for his son, and quickly drives away. Why was he really there? Waiting for Locke. He runs Locke down in his wheel chair and speeds away as Dr. Linus leads a group of people over to the seriously injured Locke.

Top Three Questions I Want Answered:
1). Why did Flocke push Desmond down the well?
2). What will Jack say to Flocke?
3). What will happen to Locke in the flashsideways?

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