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Monday, July 6, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of June 29

What a wierd week in Port Charles, wasn't it?

And what's interesting is that I will begin my column not with Michael or the mob, but with the Port Charles' D.A. Yes, the lovely and talented Alexis Davis. Alexis hasn't had a major story since her little spat with cancer which miraculously went away. And now she has a story that stems from that time in her life.

I'm sure we all felt horrible for Alexis. Her husband slept with her daughter. She was going through a divorce. She had cancer and was caught smoking medicinal pot. And when it was too berable, she slept with the mayor. Why does everyone on TV fin d that sex is the answer to all lifes problems?

No matter. Mayor Floydd and her had an affair during that time. Now the dirty laundrey has been aired, and now the world thinks Alexis is a slut. And her daughter Kristina is being a bitch about it. I really can't stand her right now.

Anyway, this whole thing has to do with the murder mystery that's happening right now. I think we can all safely assume that Mayor Floydd is not the culprit. However, I think it's in his best interest to resign as mayor after the scandal he has been involved in. Could you imagine if Mac became mayor? All these veterans having big stories, now we just need a huge Quatermaine story!

Well, we kinda do have one now. The Q's have taken in Micheal with open arms, which has made me happy. I want so much for Micheal to become a Quatermaine. It would open up so much, for more Quatermaines to be on the way, for a fued between Sonny and Micheal, and even more the Quatermaines to beome the center of the show after these long years. Perhaps Micheal will go to college and become a business man instead of going into the mob.

Let's hope this really does happen.

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