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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of June 15

*Editors Note: Well, it's a day late because a spent all day studying yesterday for my final regents exams. Today was my last day of school, so posts should be on time. Also, keep an eye out for a post announcing some big changes to my blog!

Last week, I spoke to soon: Luke is gone. Where? Why? With whom? This has me interested right now, i wonder if we'll get actual answers come September. Speaking of disappearing chearacters: where did Helena go again? And what was with the birth certificate? And what happened to Nikolas' citezcenship? What about... wait a minute. That's enough od the questions, this isn't Lost, you know!

Raise you're hand if you're lovin' GH right now? Well, okay, so the whole Micheal thing is a tragedy, not to mention annoying. And sometimes I wish that he would drop back into the backround so we can see some of the vets, like the Quatermaines or even Laura. But there's so much going on right now, and quite frankly, the interesting storylines outweigh the ones I don't like. So, today I'll do a segment I call "GH: Jeers and Cheers"

-Johnny and Olivia- it's disgusting! A woman and a man half her age sleeping together? Ewww, gross. What's going to happen when Dante finds out?
-The hit on Jason. Waste of time, Jason will never be killed!! EVER. Can't happen. Done.
-Kristina is annoying and bratty. She needs a good grounding. Perhaps we won't see her for awhile.
-Micheal is a rambunxious teen who doesn't listen. He goes barhopping and gets into brawls. And what happens when Sonny finds out a bartender gave his son a beer? Not good for the bartender. And on top of everything, the boy attacked Carly and had to be pinned down. That kid needs to go to Shadybrooke and fast! Or maybe to Robin's place, which brings us too...
-I like Robin again! She loves life and is not a whiny miserable wretch! She's devoted to her family, job, and the new murder mystery!
-The murder myster is exciting! We have all these new characters interacting to solve the Brianna Hughes mystery. Sam/Jackyl PI, Jason, Robin and Patrick, the PCPD, Maxie- everyone is working to solve this case! Could this be the downfall of the Port Charles mayor! And what does Mrs. Floydd want so bad? Very interesting character. I look forward to watching more...

A bright spot this week: Ric will be leaving Port Charles! A lot of people seem like they're going to miss him, but I won't. I've hated him, such dead weight, and way to creppy and wierd. Perhaps GH will finally be back on top soon! All we need is a great November sweeps. Anything is better then last years (or lack there of).

Let's hope this GH winning streak is here to stay!

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