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Monday, June 8, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup- Week of June 1st

Well, my laptop is BACK, so that means so are my updates! So, let's start with GH.

Now, two years ago was the last time I saw Kristina. Or was it last year? I'm not sure, but she got older and trampier in that period of time. She must have been taking estrogen or hanging around with her sister Sam to much because now she's hitting on Jason. What a slut. Especially because I, as well as a many other people, are rooting for a Jasam reuninion. But seriously, do the writers have teens of their own, because the teens in Port Charles are certainitly not normal. But then again, who is in this town of millionaires, horrible cops, and mobsters?

Micheal has made quite a miraculous recovery, what with the sneaking out of the hospital's "wonderful" security system and being able to get a cab all by himself with all the money he has.

And for those of you who did not know, that guy trying to stop him was Toussaint, who I welcome to GH with open arms. See, he was a great character on Nightshift, which we apparently woun't see anymore of, which is too bad because it was a really great show. They should just bring Dr. Julian, Claire, and thst gay guy (name escapes me) over to GH.

And as soon as the lovely Holly Sutton left town, Helena returned. Huzzah! And it was also revealed that Rebecca, who IS Emily's twin (who called it?) is not working for her, but rather Ethan. What do they have up their sleeves? I'm eager to find out!

On Friday, we were left hanging as Carly and Claudia were fighting and took a joint, poorly acted, fall down the hospital stairs. Will they both have miscarriages? It seems to be the only way miscarriages occur on soaps. I guess we'll see this week.

Now, the whole Lucky/Ethan fight is absurd. I can understand if you're angry at your dad for cheating on your mom, but the child in this is innocent. However, Lucky is being a bastard. Is he forgeting that he cheated on his wife with a younger woman for pills? When he curses Luke out, he better be doing it to himself, too. Hypocrite.

Now because I'm really enjoying GH right now, I have stayed clear of any spoilers. However, this is a huge casting rumor: Ted King, aka Lorenzo Alkazar, may be returning to GH. That would be quite interesting to watch: The Zaccarraha's, Corinthos, and Alkazars in the same territory. The mob wars will never end!

So, let's hope Carly's baby survives! I really want Jaz and Carly to be happy!

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