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Monday, March 7, 2011

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 28

Sam survived the explosion. But all was not well. For most of the week, Sam was deaf due to the bomb's blast. Molly decided to help her by teaching her sign language. Of course, Sam was able to speak with everyone, and could "hear" what they were saying. But that thought was very sweet.

Sometime last week, when Sam went to go stretch her legs, she fainted. This is always a sign that a woman is pregnant. Is that the case this time? I guess we'll see...

Jason was very, very concerned with Sam's well-being. He barely moved from the hospital during the time she was in the hospital. Nothing else mattered. If only Jason was like that when Sam's healthy. Who cares about Carly or Brenda?

Just when Michael starts becoming likable when Chad Duell takes over the role, the progress stops. It appears as though Michael once again wants to prove to his dad that he can "handle it", whatever the hell that means. NEWSFLASH Michael. You have a long life ahead with enough money to do whatever the hell you want. Do something productive. Get the hell out of the mob.

Anyway, so Michael was told by Molly who she thought the almost-killer of Shawn was, and he went after him. The guy pulled a gun on Michael, and Michael threatened him. Thank God Dante was able to intervene.

Dante took the guy into question him. And Sonny showed up. If you remember, Dante lost any like he had for the man when he found Sonny trying to torture Shawn. Throughout last week, Dante kept fighting with Sonny about how to go about finding Brenda- through the proper legal channels, or Sonny's way. But they found a way to compromise. Sonny paid the gunman's bail, and would take charge of him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Dante and Sonny were not the only ones to disagree. Sonny came to The Metro Court to ask Carly for info any info that Theo might have left. But Jax refused to relinquish this info for Sonny, leaving Sonny angry. However, in a stunning move, Carly agreed with Jax. She later told him that she hoped her kids would turn out like Jax instead of Sonny.

Brenda is now in the clutches of Theo. However, that waiter guy appears to be on Brenda's side as well. He even wanted tried to give Sonny info on Brenda, but ran away because another one of the Balkan's men was watching him. Suzanne may also be on Brenda's side. Theo and Suzanne are currently second guessing each other. Theo believes that Suzanne knows more than she's telling. And Suzanne is starting to feel remorse, such as when she visited Sam.

Something tells me we will be discovering Aiden's real paternity soon. It will be a day of relief when the truth is finally revealed. I wonder if Helena will be back when this occurs?

Lastly, Franco called Jason again talking about his "very busy weekend". He also announced he will be back in Port Charles soon, and that he has a present. What could it be?

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