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Monday, February 28, 2011

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 21

Only in a soap opera does a single day last an entire week. We were treated to a week long celebration of Sonny and Brenda's wedding, which in true GH fashion, had many twists and turns.

Carly, of course, was a bitch had hunted Brenda down to show her what she had found. But that didn't scare Brenda away. Brenda walked down the aisle to marry Sonny, but when it came time to "speak now or forever old your peace", Brenda objected. It thrilled Carly, and confused Sonny. Carly explained everything she thought she knew to the entire crowd. But she was wrong.

Even though, Sonny looked furious at Dante and Brenda. But Dante then stepped forward and told everyone the truth. And the truth, as I suspected, was about Alexander actually being the father of the child. Dante claimed to be the father to protect Brenda and the baby. And though Sonny was still mad at this revelation, he begged Brenda to marry him because he loved her so much. And she did.

And the wedding seemed to be going well. There was no sign of the Balkan. Jason and Sam were able to recruit Shawn on to their side. The Balkan had planned to meet with Shawn, and it looked like things were going right.

Michael kissed Abbey if you remember, but to be honest, I hate this relationship. I have no sympathy for Abbey's place she is in first of all, and second of all, all she does is whine. Plus the age thing is just weird for me. That's all I will say at this time.

But things took a turn for a worse. After a night of celebration, as Sonny was preparing to accompany Brenda in the limo, it exploded. And all hell broke lose.

Ethan swiftly took the kids home, who were very upset. To calm them down, they played some cards. But later that night, Kristina told Ethan that she still liked him and that she would wait for him until his marriage with Maya was over. Now where did this come from? (Off-topic, but did anyone see Haley Pullos, who plays Molly, on House? That girl was able to hold her own against Hugh Laurie. Kudos to her, she's a great actress!).

Jax's reaction may have been a little over the top (telling Sonny to kill himself), but the scene was intense. And now that Carly's plan seems to have stalled, maybe she will try to work on her marriage with Jax.

While the fallout was occurring, Jason and Shawn were attacked by gunmen. Shawn was shot, but Jason got away. He then went to comfort Sonny, which was touching.

The last thing to be revealed was that Sam was actually in the limo when it blew up. How did that happen? Was it the Balkan's fault? Or was it Franco, who called Jason and asked him if he "enjoyed the fireworks"? We don't know, because Franco had a big event to go to (Academy Awards, anyone?) (remember, he was also "between a rock and a hard place). Could the reference to Brenda Franco made before he left last July have anything to do with this?

It's been a great week on GH, and I suspect this will continue next week!

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