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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Paradise Pier Posters

Hey y'all,

It's been a while since a Disney related post. But I thought this was cool...

For a while, I've been saying that Disney needs to make some DCA posters. Instead, we got some new Disneyland posters, which while really cool and appreciated, is not what I really wanted to see.

But now, Disney has released these posters. Which are really sweet!

The posters don't stop here. There are also World of Color, Tower of Terror, and other posters in the works. Where will these reside? Hopefully, across Paradise Pier. As for now, they'll be in the new Blue Sky Cellar Exhibit that opens on Firday.

The new Exhibit will feature new stuff about The Little Mermaid, some more of Carsland, and some info about the new Disney Junior show that is replacing Playhouse Disney. There are even going to be some sneak peeks about Phase II in Hollywoodland.

I'll cover the new Blue Sky Cellar when it opens. Until then, I guess we'll continue watching what's happening right now instead of what is to come.

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