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Monday, July 12, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of July 5th

*Eidtor's Note: It's good to be back! I had a blast at Walt Disney World, and will upload pictures and a trip report later this week. Hope summer is going well!

It seems like forever since I've done one of these. But, here we go!

The week started with a bang as ABC one of the best episodes of the year: when Sonny shot Dante. It's always a great episode to watch, and acted greatly. Kudos to the actors once again!!

Also interesting to note is that another one of Sonny's children was in danger because of him. The car bomb he ordered to take Johnny out did explode, but Johnny was able to pull Kristina away in time so that both of them only suffered minor injuries. But Kristina is suffering even more now then she did before. She is convinced that Sonny ordered the failed hit, and she is right. However, Sonny has the rest of the town convinced that Lopez Brothers actually did it. He even swore on Dante's life that he didn't plant the bomb. Only one person knows the truth- Michael. After all that kid has been through, Sonny still can't learn. And here I was hoping for Michael to be able to leave the mob forever.

There seems to be a small breakthrough, though. Johnny convinced Kristina to give up the charade, and Sonny pulled the "I'm your father, treat me with respect" crap that every dad pulls. But she listened to her punishment (including having dinner with him every Tuesday) and didn't give any lip.

Claire Walsh and Lucky do believe Sonny is lying, and Claire is planning to get Sonny interested in her to take him down, like so many other woman, However, I have faith in her. I am really liking the character of Claire, so I look forward to what she has cooking. But, I have a feeling she will fall for him. But that relationship will be interesting to watch for sure! Especially with the prospect of Brenda returning in August!

In other news, Franco is back. I liked James Franco's role last year, but this time it seems as though there is a reason for the existence of his character, which is intriguing. His mother added a bit of insight to the character. And I must admit that I felt bad for Franco's mom. Whatever Franco has planned, it seems dangerous.

What do we know so far? Franco likes the number 66 and gave 66 (5 1/2 dozen) roses to Maxie. He has also visited Carly, Maxie, and last we saw him, visiting Jax and Josslyn. We also saw him sitting in his house residing over a bunch of pictures wondering who to kill. But why certain people? Oh, and the artist also is amused by a monkey who crashes symbols.

Spinelli and Maxie are over it seems. But to be honest, at this point, I really don't care what happens to them. Spinelli, who I used to like, has grown into a Jason Jr. When Jason was in jail, he was so depressed he couldn't get dressed. This obsession needs to end. Spinelli's skills could be so useful, instead he has to use them for bad things.

Ass of the week goes to Lisa. I've hated this bitch since she came to town. Now, I know what you're saying. Patrick instigated the sex. That's why he's the runner-up. But all Lisa has done since then has been to torment Patrick and Robin. When Robin returned, Lisa ran over to her and hugged her and feigned being her friend. WHAT A BITHC!!

Finally, let's end with Shirley. She finally got a backstory. She loved a man, but he left, and then came back when she had another family. Shirley left everything behind to run off with her love, including here kids. Now that is just horrible! I must say, I lost a lot of respect for this woman after that.

Let's see if it will be restored.

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