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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost: Happily Ever After

Well, he's back. And his episode, like many other Desmond episodes, confused the hell out of me. We got a pretty good sense on what the flashsideways were, but there was not much on-Island stuff. But, it was a great episode. Certainitly not the best, but great nonetheless.

Desmond was taken off the sub, very groggy after being unconscious for three days. He is confused, and calls for Penny. But Widmore tells him Penny is not there. He tells Desmond must make a sacrifice, and begind to explain the situation to him. But before he can get through to Desmond, Desmond attacks him. Widmore's goons restrain him and lead him away, all the while Desmond is screaming to take him back. To which Widmore replies "The Island is not done with you yet".

Widmore then runs into Jin, who demands to know what is going on. Widmore shows him, and takes him to a huge generator room, apparently the one that powers the Island. They are going to do some test, and though Zoe protests that they aren't ready, the test must go on. After it appears something is broken, and they must figure out what it is. A redshirt goes to figure out what the problem is outside in a ramshackle structure outside the generator building. However, inside the control room, a technician finds out what is wrong, fixes the problem, and turns the generator on. The coils inside the shack glow and emit light, and the man inside is fried. And then Desmond arrives to see the body. Yep, that's reassuring!

Desmond is tied to a chair in the structure. Before leaving, Widmore tells him that if what he heard about him is true, he will be fine. Widmore explains he knows what sacrifices are like; loosing his son to the Island, or not being able to see his daughter or grandson. And if Desmond doesn't make a sacrifice when all this is through, everyone he loves will be gone forever.

With that, he leaves as Desmond breaks loose. Desmond explains to everyone that Desmond is the only person to ever surive a catostrophic electromagnetic event, and unless he can survive another one, "we all die". And with that, the experiment is turned on. Inside the shack, Desmond is engulfed by the bright light. And it is assumed that he travels to the flashsideways timeline.

At LAX, Claire tells Desmond where to get his bags, and the two strike up a small conversation. Before leaving, Desmond tells Claire the baby will be a boy. He then goes to the limo waiting for him, driven by George Minkowski, the frieghter guy who died from temporal displacement in Season 4. He takes Desmond to his boss, who is revealed to be Charles Widmore. The two get along well, and Widmore even share the very expensive whisky. He then gives him his mission: Charlie, from Drive Shaft, was in jail for an overdose, and needs to be released to play at his son's concert. Desmond accepts, and goes to retrieve Charlie.

But Charlie doesn't want to cooperate with him. He runs initially to a bar, but Desmond meets him and they have a drink. There, Charlie tells his arrest story. Charlie explains that the Marshall saw him needing a fix, so he ran into the bathroom to eat the stash, The plane hit turbulence, and he choked on it. While unconcious, he saw a "beatuifull blonde woman" and called her "the truth". In the car, Charlie offers to show Desmond the truth, and plunges the car into water.

Underwater and facing iminant danger, Desmond frees himself, and goes to free Charlie. Charlie pushes his hand up to the window, and for a split second, Desmond see "Not Penny's Boat" written on the hand, as seen in Season 3's "Through the Looking Glass". He is able to save Charlie, and the two are taken to the hospital.

While undergoing an MRI, Desmond has another vision of the Looking Glass, and a vision of Penny, and then goes to find Charlie.He finds Jack, and reintroduces himself. Just then, Charlie comes running down the hall, and Desmond catches him. Charlie tells him to stop worrying about him and start looking for Penny.

When Widmore finds out about the Charlie incident, he makes Widmore go to Mrs. Wimdore (aka Eloise Hawking) and explain the dilema. She is excepting of the matter, and says it is no big deal. She says to him "Whatever happened, happened".

As Desmond leaves the area, he hears someone talking about Penny on a guest list for the party. He asks to see the list, by Eloise doesn't let him. He says that he has a perfect life and has finally gotten what he has alwasy wanted- Widmore's approval. He's not ready to look at the list, and it is, in fact, a violation.

While he drinks in the limo, Daniel Widmore (aka Faraday) approaches him. He tells him that a few weeks ago, he saw a redhead, and fell in love with her. He said it was though he already loved her. That same night, he drew a picture in a notebook. He had no idea what it meant, and took it to a mathmatician friend who stated it was an advanced quantum physics and would need a lifetime to understand. He tries to explain to Desmond that it is as if something catastrophic had been about to happen and the only way to stop it had been to release a huge amount of energy, like setting off a nuclear bomb. He rhetorically asks whether this life was not meant to be and whether there had been another "life" in which, for some reason, "we changed things." Desmond inquires if he wants to set off a bomb. But Daniel repiles that he thinks he already did, causing this timeline. He then tells hime where to find Penny, his half-sister.

They meet at a standium where Jack and Desmond met in the original timeline. The flirt, then Desmond passes out.

He then awakens in the shack, with only a fe seconds passing. Widmore tells him is talent is vital, and begins to explain his purpose. But Desmond interrupts, stating he knows why he is here. He has work to do, and agrees to work with Widmore. But as he is being escorted back to base, Sayid jumps out and kills everyone in Desmond's escort except for Zoe, who he lets go. He persuades Desmond to follow him, and he does. What? Why??

Desmond revives, and Penny explains he passed out. They make plans for a date, and Desmond leaves in the limo. George asks if there is anything else he can do for Desmond. Desmond responds that he wants the flight mainfest for Oceanic Flight 815, stating, "I just need to show them something."

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). What is Desmond planning?
2). What are the flashsideways?
3). What is Libby's backstory?

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