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Monday, April 5, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of March 29

It's been hard for the last couple of weeks to watch GH. Not that it was bad; it's the exact opposite. But it's been hard to watch Ethan get blamed for Kristina's beating when we, the audience, know that Kiefer beat her. He's slapped her around before, and doesn't seem to care that much about her.

However, there's a growing amount of people around Port Charles, save for Alexis, Sam, and Sonny, who think Ethan is innocent. They're not sure whose fault it is exactly, but many doubt it was Ethan. This left Dante and Lucky to team up together to investigate. And while investigating, it appeared as though Kiefer probably did it.

The duo met Kiefer at Kelly's, and went good-cop/bad-cop on him. They nearly had him crack, but Kiefer became furious and ran out, all the way to the Metro Court. All Kiefer cares about is going to Harvard, and doesn't want something as trivial as being arrested for Kristina's beating keeping him out. Puh-leeze. What a jackass. If all the people act like that at Harvard, I would never, ever want to go there. A bunch of rich people who don;t give a damn about girls being beat. Horrible.

His dad told him to convince Kristina to reinstate the charges. When Kiefer tried to get Kristina to bring fake charges on an innocent man to protect the ass of the real culprit, Kristina refused. And he beat her again. But this time, Alexis saw part of it. Hopefully, justice will now be served.

Before this whole incident, Kristina saw something horrible. Earlier in the week, Kristina wathced as Johnny took the stand to testify. He claimed that Sonny abused Claudia, who loved Sonny, emotionally and physically. Sonny was furious, and let his anger take over. He stated that Claudia deserved her fate. Uh-oh. When everyone was finally calmed down, a broken-down Kristina fleed the courtroom. When Sonny went to talk to her later, she related to Claudia, and turned him away.

Robin was next up on the stand. At first, her testimony seemed promising for Sonny. she talked about his character, and the whole Stone thing. But then things got ugly. Robin was forced to recount every detail of the incident at the Metro Court.

Maixe was next on the stand, and boy, did she have one hell of a week. After being with Georige's ghost for an episode, Maixe decided to live and heal. Georige left her smiling, and Spinelli was overjoyed to have her. As Maxie, Spinelli, and LuLu were hanging in her room, she was summoned to court. But court had to come to her, as she was still too sick. But the real question: will she testify that Michael was in the car with Sonny? Stay tuned...

Finally, we've had an arrival and a return on the same day. Maya Ward came to town to stay with the Quartermaines. Of course, Tracey doesn't like her. And her run in with Ethan must mean that they're destined to be together. I think that will be awesome! And Skye Quatermaine returned! She wanted to get it on with Luke, but Jax ruined that. Will Jax use Skye to make Carly jealous? I'm waiting to see how this plays out...

Finally, we end with Helena's dastardly plans. Helena was able to fake the second paternity test, and Liz is convinced that her child is a Cassidine. Helena plans to use this child to destroy the Soencers for good. Will the truth come out?

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