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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fringe Files: Peter

It has been a long time since I have done a Fringe column. If you recall, I ususally have a systematic, kinda cool way to do my Fringe columnm, in the spirit of the CSI0esque vibe from the show. But because this episode was so different, I'm going to break away from this, for at least this week.

This episode finally answered all our questions about Peter. Walter tells the story to Olivia through flashbacks. To differentiate between the times (other than Walter's hair!), we were provided with '80s style lettering where the flying letters should be. The intro even was '80s-fied, with those block letters, synthesized music, and the words like "personal computer" are replace other words in the title sequence.

In the 80s, Walter built a portal to view the "other side". Why? Well, he tells the military one thing for funding. But his motives are completely different. His son Peter is deathly ill, and Walter wants to see if the Walter in the alternate universe can come up with a cure. Walter would then take the cure, and use it to save Peter in this world.

One day, Elizabeth (Walter's wife) calls him home. He comes home and reassures Peter that everything will be fine. Peter then dies while embracing his father. Peter leaves this world, leaving his family heartbroken. Nina Sharp and Carla, Walter's lab assistant, attend the funeral, though William Bell could not make it. Walter then retreats to his lab.

There, he sees something interesting. Through the window to the Other Side, Walter sees that Other Side Walter has discovered the cure. But Other Side Walter was distracted by one of The Observers and doesn't see the chemical reaction. He believes he has failed. Walter then plans to do something drastic. He recreates the cure, takes a vial of it, and plans to go to the alternate universe.

Before he crosses over, Carla notifies Nina Sharp, and together they try to stop him. But their attempt is futile. Nina tries to grab walter has he crosses over, but the device that allows this travel shuts off, leaving Nina's arm severed. In the fray, the vial containing the cure is broken. Now, there's only one thing he can do.

Walter goes to the house, where Other Side Elizabeth thinks he is really Other Side Walter. He takes Peter, the one we came to know, back to our universe to save him, with every intention of bringing him back. Togetherm they travel back.

But upon arriving, they are thrown into a frozen lake in their car. The Observer saves them in response for letting Other Side Walter's experiment go unnoticed. He explains to Walter that Peter is important, and must be saved. And Walter does save him.

Elizabeth find Peter, and he is forced to explain to her what he did. He tells her he must return Peter, but she will not have it. She wants to keep Peter, and that's where we were led today. Walter asks Olivia not to tell Peter about this.

This episode was one of the best in Fringe. It was gripping, and I nearly cried. A great episode, to be sure.

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