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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GH Weekly Roundup: 2009 Edition

It's hard to imagine another year has flown by on GH. Considering the short week this week, and only a few more episodes this year, let's do some recapping of the entire year on GH. This special column will cover the next 2 weeks. Let's get started!

It seems like so long since we saw Nadine. As soon as Rebecca showed up, she just disappeared. Wherever she is, I hope she in enjoying her Million she got from her inheritance. What? You forgot about that until now? Well, it's understandable. It was one of those little things that are forgettable. A lot of stuff does happen within a year.

Speaking of Rebecca, she first came into GH during that snowstorm when that guy swollowed the biotoxin spheres. Remember that? It was a pretty cool sweeps. All our favorite characters were together. Some got sick. Some were ok. The hospital was quarintined, and then caught on fire. And we also saw the demise of Trevor.

We also had Robin's Postpartum Depression storyline. Remember that disaster? Thank God Robin got help for her PPD. And soon enough, she was back and caring for her family. Although, the baby is hardly seen.

Around this time, Kate started to drift from the storyboard, and her idiot cousin Olivia became predominate. I used to hate Kate, but as she is slowly coming back, I began to really like her, while Olivia is just a bitch.

Earlier this year, Jerry hid those DVDs confessing his part and Claudia's part in Michael's shooting. For a long time, Jason suspected Claudia of setting up the hit on Sonny. But Sonny didn't believe him. His marriage to Claudia was going well and he was back in power, especially with Anthony Zaccarah's trip to federal prison.

Claudia was so worried about getting caught that she planned to get herself pregnant "accidently" with Sonny's child. And she did. Sonny accepted it, and it was her ticket to living if the truth were to come out. That is, until Sonny found out Ric was sleeping with Claudia. Everything was solved when Ric finally left Port Charles, vowing he would return. After that, the baby was revealed to be Sonny's.

Also earlier this year, Jax and Carly's marriage was on the rocks. But they renewed their vows and Carly wound up pregnant, right when Claudia was pregnant.

Things were supposed to get better when Michael underwent treatment to wake him up. But when he finally emerged from his coma, things did not get better. The SORAS of Michael was less then stellar. Michael had become a selfish, spoiled, constantly aggressive brat. Alas, all the other children were also SORASed. Kristina's character was similar to Michael, except she did not have a backbone to stand up to her abusive boyfriend.

Luckily, Morgan and Molly's recast was great, and both characters are enjoyable to watch and bring a breath of fresh air to GH. While on that subject, we have Dominic/Dante. What a great addition.

Next week, I'll pick up with Dominic. Until then, I leave you with this question: what did you like/dislike about this year?

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