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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Thoughts on the Monk Finale

Within the course of a year, 3 of my favorite show will end. We've already witnessed the finale of Pushing Daisies, and most recently Monk. And come May, we'll say goodbye to the greatest show of all time... Lost.

The Monk finale was sad. The montage to Randy Newman's song made me tear up.

But the truth of Trudy's murder finally came out, giving the characters, especially Monk, closure they needed. Not to mention, us.

Monk may be cured, but probably still has a few phobias and a bit of OCD left.

All the characters are happy, and that's something I truly found enjoyable. Knowing that though the series may have ended, their lives will still continue, though we will not be able to see any more adventures of Mr. Monk and the gang.

It's been a great run. Monk has been an incredible show, and I will miss it.

A really don't know what else to say. Monk will still live on in repeats, and will always be enjoyable to watch. Not to mention DVDs and Blu-rays. But I feel I have said all I should. It's hard to write this article, knowing it's probably the last one I will write about Monk.

Thank you to everyone who worked on Monk for making it a fantastic show. I'll always hold a place in my heart for this show.

Thank you, Adrian Monk.

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