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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Fringe Files: 2.5- "Dream Logic"

Case: Dream Logic- A man attacks his boss, believing him to be a demon-like creature.

History of Events: After a man attacks his boss thinking he his a demon, The Fringe Devision flies out to Seattle to investigate the srange occurance. After speaking with him, the man dies from such extreme exhaustion that his hair turns white. Walter decides to bring the body back to his lab with the help of another FBI agent while Olivia and Peter stay in Seattle. Back at the lab, he finds a microchip in the person's brain, and believes mind control was used. There's another death similar to what happened to the man, and Olivia finds the exact same findings. The chips lead the FBI to a doctor who was performing sleep studies on people with sleeping disorders. This chip, however, came with a sideffect. It made people dream while they were awake, and people had horrible nightmares, resulting in death. Walter performs a similar experiment on the FBI agent, but with a contraption that goes over the head instead of a microchip tin the brain. It turns out that the nice doctor is actually a dream addict with two personalities. He is the one causing these things to happen. He makes a plan to capture his alternate persona

Non-case Related Events: Walter and Peter have now moved into a bigger apartment. Olvia is still upset over losing Charlie. She tells a story to that bowling guy Sam about her first case. She wanted to run, but Charlie came over and said "You're gonna be fine". Throughout the entire episode, she was collecting busniess cards from everyone she met. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the names on the cars was an anagram for "You're gonna be fine". Was it Charlie talking from beyond the grave? Finally, the last scene of the show was Peter having a nightmare about Walter when he was a kid. Could this be about his kidnapping from the alternate universe? Well, this much is certain: there was a poster in the room about a Challenger Space Shuttle mission that never occured.

IMO: I do love the monster mysteries on Fringe, but as the show progressed, I found out it wasn't about monsters at all. But I still enjoyed it. The new revelations about the Alternate Universe are always fun to get. And the whole business cards thing was cool and wierd at the same time.

Next Week's Case: Earthling

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