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Saturday, October 24, 2009

FF: 1.6- Gimme Some Truth

*Editor's Note: My grandma is in the hospital again. I just got back from visiting her. Please excuse my lateness. Because Fringe wasn't on Thursday, there will be no Fringe column this week or next week. (It won't be on next week due to the World Series- Go Yankees!!).

The show started off with a confusing bang. And it ended with a less confusing bang. In between, it was really, really good. So, let's recap!

There was a large meeting in Washington to discuss the Blackout. Our favorite FBI agents went under polygraph tests to make sure they were telling the truth about what they saw in their flashforwards. After this occurs, there is a press conference, and when asked, the President of the United States states he will not reveal his flashforward. Lucky for us, we see his vision. And someone is telling him something terrible has occured. So what could it be?

This week, a rivalry and a debt were introuduced to us involving FBI Agent Wedeck. Wedeck helped cover up an affair the President had, so he is indebted to Wedeck. Wedeck and Senator Joyce Clemente are not so tight. This is evident throughout the entire conference. She seems determined to stop the Mosiac, which we all know is collecting data from all around the world about things people saw in their flashforwards.

But she makes a good point. Right now all the FBI divison is doing is being led by a man who had a hazy vision. Is it truly reliable, especially from someone who was drinking? But then again, if these visions do come true, then this could be an important thing they're doing.

To solve the rivalry problem, Mr. President makes Clemente Vice President (of the US) so she won't bother Wedeck anymore.

Meanwhile, Janis, the now-revealed lesbian, looks for satelite imagery from around the time of the mass crow die-off in '91. They find a series of 100 foot tall pylons standing in the middle of nowhere. But where did they come from?

And now the explosion is revisted. After Mark, Demitri, Vreede, and Wedeck go to thier car, they are attacked. They manage to escape and kill some of the assasins. A few escape, unfortunately. Though they are not harmed, we can't say the same for Janis, who at this time, is attacked. She disarms one gunman, but the other gunman shot her in the stomache. Hmm, this seems ofly close to the uterus. How can she be pregnant in the future? Especially if she's a lesbian. That doesn't mean she gets pregnant by accident, ya know!

Around this time, Olivia recieves an annonymus text from someone saying "Mark was drinking in his flashforward"/ But who could it be from? Wedeck? They did have a large fight about the visions. Or was it someone else, someone who knows more?

FlashForward keeps getting better. At the same time, more questions are being aked. And none seemed to be answered...

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