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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lost Theory No. 4- What's Up with That Plane?

*Editor's Note: The following column is just a theory. The views, events, and situations that I mention are not necessarily true. They are just ideas I have based on what I have seen in the various Seasons of Lost. Please do not take these as rumors or spoilers. But if they do turn out to be true, that would be kinda cool!

It's a week from comic con, ya know. This is exciting! In just a week, we might, MIGHT get a great piece of Lost info! And if anything is reported, you know I'll post it here! In the meantime, let's get into my newest Theory.

Well, we all know Locke has a connection to the Island. His legs were miraculously healed when he crashed on the Island with fellow Flight 815 survivors. And since, then he was able to walk with no trouble.

But there was one time on the Island when Locke was not able to walk. Upon discovering the drug smuggling plane carryinjg those Virgin Mary Statues wich Mr. Eko's brother died on years before, Locke's legs started to fail him. He could not walk. But why?

We know that the plane fell and Boone crashed. So, ok, using the Destiny theme that is found on the show, perhaps it wasn't Locke's destiny to die there so his legs stopped working in order to ensure he wouldn't attempt to get up there.

However, 3 years later (ok, actually, years before that happened), as the Losties were skipping through time, Locke witnessed that very plane crash on the Island. He went to investigate and tried to climb up it, but was shot in the leg by Ethan and could not finish the climb.

So that's twice when Locke could not get up to the top of that ledge. Why? What's up there that he's not supposed to see? Could it be Jacob? Esau? Something else?

Quite honestly, I have no idea. However, there is some reason Locke can't go up there. And I really want to know why.

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