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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- Even More Changes in the Land of Tomorrow

So far, Tomorrowland has had the most changes out of any land. It's always been a headache because of the simple fact that today tachnology keeps improving. Soon, Disneyland would start to show the Fantasy of th Future, but for right now it was still "A World on The Move". Although new additions made it a thematic mess, most proved to be very popular.

First, in 1985, the Submarine Voyage subs were repainted from their dull gray to a vibrant yellow. The names of the subs were also change from Military names to Exploration names, only keeping one name the same: Nautalis. These names and hues would still be used in yet another retheme of the ride 20 years later. Also in 1985, Adventure Thru Inner Space closed.

In 1986, a partnership Between Disney and Geaorge Lucas formed, as Captian EO, a 3D show starring Michael Jackson, was put into the Magic Eye Theater infront of Space Mountain. The show was quite popular, but was removed in 1997 when Tomorrowland went under yet another heavy retheme. Captain EO has since been one of the most missed attractions, and may be returning in 2009 as part of Disneyland's Halloweentime.

This partnership bewteen George Lucas and Disney also paved the way for other attractions to be built. For a long time, Disney wanted a simulator in Tomorrowland, simulating flying through space. They were able to do this by making Star Tours, a ride based on Star Wars. When Lucas finished the film part of the ride, a programmer programmed the ride vehicles with a joy stick to make the vehicle pitch up, down, and side to side among other things. It opened in January 1987, and to celebrate, Disneyland was open for 60 straight. Years have been tough on the attraction, causing Disney to want to make another Star Tours. Though Disney is suspected to confirm this in the D23 Expo, it is already slated to open in 2011.

In the same year, the Mark V monorails debuted. This lasted the longest, and are probably the most iconic monorial due to the time they lasted. These monorails were replaced as they began to get old from years of wear-and-tear.

Yes, many new attractions were being built, and Disneyland was bigger and better then ever before. In the next few years, more favorite attractions would debut, but behind the scenes, those at WDI were dreaming of expanding Disneyland past it's berm... and beyond.

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