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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- The Mickey Mouse Park

It's no surprise that Walt Disney loved his studio in Burbank, California. That's one reason Walt Began pondering building an 8-acre amusement park across the street from his studio.
As you can see below, the park featured a few rides and a boat ride with a train circling the park. These few design features were a constant in the evolution of Disneyland. Especially the train.

Walt loved trains. He had an entire backyard railroad built as a way to relax. He frequently brought people over to his house and gave them rides around his yard on the train.

Unfortunately for Walt, his ideas started growing and growing. He wanted more types of enviornments, not just the western theme that is showcased in early concept art. He wanted to transport people back to a turn of the century American town. He wanted to show people places around the world. And of course, he wanted to take people into the beloved movies.
So, this 8-acre patch of land became to small. And as his ideas about an amusement park turned into ideas about a themed park, he needed a lot of land- cheap!

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