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Monday, August 31, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- The Main Street Electrical Parade

It's one of the most iconic and classic parades ever. The Main Street Electrical Parade premiered in 1972, but was much different then what we know. The original Electrical Parade featured flat screens on moving platforms illuminated with lights. The music was synched to various parts of the parade, using radio-activated triggers as each float entered a zone, the audience would hear float-specific music through the Disneyland audio system. Each zone was between 70-100 feet long, and the zoned system meant that every person watching the parade would experience the same show, no matter where they stood along the parade route.

The Main Street Electrical Parade continued to entertain guests for over 20 years as it proved to be quite popular. Finally, Disneyland announced in 1996 that The Main Street Electircal Parade was "Glowing Away Forever" and would end in November. After the final show, certified light bulbs that were used in the show were sold to collectors. The next year, Light Magic opened, but was such widely criticzed, especially by people online, that it was scrapped. The Electrical Parade continued in Magic Kingdom as a replacement for SpectroMagic, but in 2001 was brought back to Disneyland.

However, it would not go back to Main Street. Supposedly it will in the near future, but as of now, it's in another Disney theme park...

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