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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Comic Con Pannels are coming!!

Weeks ago, I reported that I would post videos and info from all the Comic-Con 2009 pannels that I found interesting, a
With the hopes that you, too would find it interesting.

So here's a list of things I will include in this weeks updates.

Disney Animation Studios Pannel
Disney 3D Pannel
Alice In Wonderland Pannel
Fringe Pannel
FlashForward Pannel
V Pannel
Lost Pannel

After all the videos, photos, and info from the pannels are posted, regularly schedeuled posts will still not return until September. After that, to close the summer with a bang, I will do a series of posts involving videos and pictures detailing the history and construction of Disneyland, from the 40's to the present and beyond. These series of posts will be called "Disneyland: One Man's Dream". Please note I'm not intentionally copying anything that may have been done before, either by Disney or the Fan community.

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